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lars b83f74f9eb no "defined" check for scalars (perl > 5.20)
previously "defined" could be used for checking the existence of scalars
6 years ago
phil 0f70decd1c specify changings 8 years ago
phil 1ebeb0fd0d Changelog 8 years ago
phil 8ed0cd7cac set default key size to 4096
generate stronger keys with default algo
8 years ago
lars e6c58fef89 website of ezmlm changed from http://ezmlm.org/ to http://untroubled.org/ezmlm/ 9 years ago
lars 2d103b7886 Added Swedish translation contributed by Mikael Tuneskog 12 years ago
ckubu e06da8137d - If Environment variable EZMLM_WEB_RC ist set (e.g. at webservers vhost

12 years ago
lars 13a128cf8d trim whitespace from LOGIN_NAME - otherwise access is denied for the user's lists 13 years ago
lars 253b80f338 Updated description of webusers file to the behaviour since ezmlm-web v3.3.
Thanks to Daniele for the hint!
13 years ago
lars 5f01e987f2 fixed editing of text files for multi-line texts (Closes: #62) 14 years ago
lars fd48b5fda4 Spanish translation finished by Normando Hall - thanks a lot! 14 years ago
lars b28b3338c7 Commit from Thorax Translation Center by user lars. 296 of 296 messages translated (0 fuzzy). 14 years ago
lars fda762b084 ezmlm-web code:
* added missing "ref" check for encrypted mailing list objects
14 years ago
lars 80844f7e2a ezmlm-web code:
* handle a missing backup conversion directory gracefully
  (useful for encrypted lists, that were created without ezmlm-web)
14 years ago
lars 36ac1d4cfc added rike and Jean-Matthieu as French translation contributors 14 years ago
lars e8b2b7b8ed French strings contributed by Jean-Matthieu - thanks! 14 years ago
lars 6fff82a613 ezmlm-web translations:
* French strings updated by rike - thanks a lot!
14 years ago
lars 27fb19ef94 ezmlm-web code:
* fix broken MAIL_ADDRESS_PREFIX removal (Closes: #57)
15 years ago
lars a85d95f2a8 ezmlm-web packaging:
* update MANIFEST file (hinted by Kyle Wheeler)
15 years ago
lars cf9d3c1d75 ezmlm-web documentation:
* added hints regarding dependencies of gpg-ezmlm
* added hints for checking, if the modules are installed properly
15 years ago
lars e5c2e25bf1 ezmlm-web documentation:
* fixed issues pointed out by albinootje - thanks!
15 years ago
lars bdb953e07b ezmlm-web translation:
* Nederland strings contributed by albi nootje - thanks!
15 years ago
lars 5bdb708657 ezmlm-web translation:
* Slovene translation finished by Clavdia Horvat
* German translation finished by Lars Kruse
15 years ago
lars 370976abad ezmlm-web packaging:
* move debian files to a separate directory
15 years ago
lars 3c3fad072f ezmlm-web:
* update version information for new release v3.3.1
15 years ago
lars d1a7e5a65a ezmlm-web interface:
* fixed description string for trailer message
* updated TODO
15 years ago
lars 3d836546c3 ezmlm-web interface code:
* remove list entry from webusers file after list removal (Closes: #54)
15 years ago
lars 5b98b18ff9 ezmlm-web interface:
* move gnupg key generation process into the background if possible
* declare non-configurable variables _after_ reading the configuration
  file, thus preventing them from being accidentaly "configured"
15 years ago
lars 0afddf2487 ezmlm-web release preparations:
* update documentation
* update changelog
* update debian files
15 years ago
lars 45d3b2ecc9 Commit from Thorax Translation Center by user lars. 294 of 294 messages translated (0 fuzzy). 15 years ago
lars 819dab8ca4 ezmlm-web translations:
* add language strings for recently added gpg-ezmlm options
15 years ago
lars 1b809bf5e7 ezmlm-web interface:
* add gpg-ezmlm option "VerifiedKeyReq"
15 years ago
lars 90272fda02 ezmlm-web interface:
* add gpg-ezmlm option "encryptToAll"
15 years ago
lars ebc46ba549 ezmlm-web interface:
* add gpg-ezmlm option "allowKeySubmission"
15 years ago
lars 74cb38b601 ezmlm-web interface code:
* add gpg-ezmlm option "RequireSigs"
15 years ago
lars b64e9091cc fix version numbers 15 years ago
lars 50357ba5f5 prepare release candidate 15 years ago
lars 7895079b18 web interface code:
* hide domains without accessible lists (for well-configured domains)
15 years ago
lars 0861a14f93 web interface code:
* avoid direct usage of $WEBUSERS_FILE for authorization checks
15 years ago
lars be4ffc74a3 web interface code:
* allow list access even if no webusers file exists, if there is no login
  authentication configured
* output a warning, if no webusers file exists
15 years ago
lars 39b32b2dd1 r425@erker: lars | 2008-09-29 22:35:19 +0200
web interface code:
 * use the "special" update function for encrypted lists
15 years ago
lars dc655d0683 r423@erker: lars | 2008-09-28 18:54:05 +0200
web interface code:
 * use separate 'getconfig' function for GpgEzmlm settings
 * fix minor perl warning
15 years ago
lars 7b09ad4540 r422@erker: lars | 2008-09-28 17:58:58 +0200
web interface code:
 * keyring management is also accessible for plaintext lists
 * function "is_list_encrypted" is obsolete
15 years ago
lars c24e5ea00e r421@erker: lars | 2008-09-28 17:39:44 +0200
web interface code:
 * improve some input tests
 * fix perl warning during list deletion
15 years ago
lars d12f1e716f r418@erker: lars | 2008-09-28 11:32:49 +0200
encryption support:
 * populate a hash for supported features (%FEATURES)
 * specific gui options for encryption now depend on specific features
 * defined Config.Features.GpgKeyRing
15 years ago
lars e295e6d4d6 update template according to new web interface code 15 years ago
lars da6ecedfe5 update hdf specification for separate GpgEzmlm/GpgKeyRing 15 years ago
lars 5588372d9b web interface code:
* unify creation of list object
* reduce direct access to http query string paramters
* adapt to new GpgEzmlm/GpgKeyRing separation
* clean up encryption support
* fix various warnings
* improve some code style issues
15 years ago
lars 39aaed4011 language strings:
* adapted language string names to the new GpgKeyRing/GpgEzmlm separation
15 years ago
lars 47cecc292e updated templates:
* support separate modules for GpgKeyRing and GpgEzmlm
* revert to specifically support GpgEzmlm instead of the not-yet-released
  encryption plugin
15 years ago