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lars 6359da105a there is a nicer way to disable security checks 15 years ago
age 1f24166835 did I miss this before? 15 years ago
lars 6d0975d32f improved the way how to avoid recursion in volume_properties 15 years ago
age 0147531012 language icon & layout 15 years ago
age a388fc6910 new help icon 15 years ago
age 8950f61d4c with small fonts the fieldset would not start in a new line 15 years ago
age ef50cfae3e okay this fixes the fix ;) 15 years ago
age 5b6ea1fe01 commented out one line, which causes a rare bug; but I don't really 15 years ago
lars be8131d529 removed some unclean html stuff 15 years ago
age 48b1ecb926 small title icon 15 years ago
age 4ecc7bacbf * updated plugin documentation 15 years ago
age 2911fcea64 * plugins titles via macro, with icon 15 years ago
age 7c7de72f29 now generic, all plugin .cs need to be adapted 15 years ago
age a16d14d8fa general plugintitle with icon (not yet gengeric) 15 years ago
lars ef20189851 fixed bug in plugin_manager (missing name of submit button) 15 years ago
age b85051a44d * more fieldsets + corresponding lang/help changes 15 years ago
lars 0c129de015 added "is_writeable" method to cryptobox.core.container 15 years ago
age 5da460a7fb * more layout changes 15 years ago
lars a8e69cec7c removed "tabindex" - does not work nicely with "properties" plugin 15 years ago
age a5e6e03351 * unified the mount layout 15 years ago
lars 93e49bf2f2 mount tmpfs if no config partition is available (Closes: #117) 15 years ago
lars 772d617b73 chmod to secret certificate file to 0600 15 years ago
lars 2ecc20e905 fixed the 'status' method of the encrypted_webinterface module 15 years ago
lars 4e5b8e088f fixed a broken reference 15 years ago
lars 6d3286acd0 the plugin 'encrypted_webinterface' creates a valid certificate now 15 years ago
lars ad3de60dd1 added "missing dependency" warnings to network, data, encrypted_webinterface and partition plugins 15 years ago
lars c4d4ea399d minor improvement of README.proxy 15 years ago
lars 4f9ec1dabb minor language changes 15 years ago
lars 1524e9d159 added skeleton of new "encrypted webinterface" plugin -> managing ssl 15 years ago
lars f4b928e969 unified up/down link anchors: always adjust to the appropriate fieldset (instead of the moved plugin) 15 years ago
lars 16ce32c640 removed obsolete cron file 15 years ago
age 71276ae7fa * fixes conffile variable 15 years ago
lars e57232efc9 display empty page after change of network address 15 years ago
lars dcefd224e9 skip "isFileSafe" check for plugins' root_actions if the server is running as "root" 15 years ago
lars ab6e34ddf9 add "PluginSettings" section to the main configuration file 15 years ago
lars b33263b11c remove some environment settings during startup 15 years ago
lars c18cec2107 fixed: default form was never visible (no return value specified) 15 years ago
age 1714b4ded9 added missing </form> 15 years ago
age 5a476948cd renamed plugins in overview 15 years ago
age e7bacbf5ba * prepared gateway setting 15 years ago
age db927f7e55 * unified the layout (fieldset) 15 years ago
lars 9c1f5c3fc2 moved plugin specific settings storing from volume_db to plugin_conf 15 years ago
lars 297cdca0af added release hints 15 years ago
lars 73df006390 prevent potential recusion in plugin 'volume_props' 15 years ago
pootle-translation 3a88bde5d5 Commit from Thorax Translation Center by user lars. 4 of 25 messages translated (0 fuzzy). 15 years ago
pootle-translation c85243940f Slovenian translation finished by Clavdia 15 years ago
pootle-translation d99e711270 Italian texts translated by Clavdia 15 years ago
pootle-translation 743998cabb * Translation update from phil 15 years ago
pootle-translation 070975c5ce slovenian translation of the main strings 15 years ago
lars 186384c47c some german translations by Steffen 15 years ago