641 Commits (e98b0e418334de60f6046aac85a97ab40af45cfd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
age e98b0e4183 * new loge & name in webfrontend 14 years ago
age d7c5b5ead5 removed two TODOs 14 years ago
lars 636973af95 fix ambigious file open flag - previously it could be interpreted as a read-only access 14 years ago
age 6f05e1d091 * reverted changes [996] and [998] for good old logfile download 14 years ago
lars 8aa7eaf225 more verbose error reporting for non-writeable pid file 14 years ago
lars 1537f0f2ec remove bashism 14 years ago
age 98ffdfbb27 smily was in css only, now the file is available, too 14 years ago
age 8eaeb76e1c * different default name (without whitespace) 14 years ago
age 7506a3c454 update...dir works fine now 14 years ago
lars 9f23dbddfd finally fixed the size properly 14 years ago
lars 9bf82f30dc prolong lifetime of blockdevice cache to 120 seconds 14 years ago
age 640cfd1b3f fixed typo 14 years ago
lars f50f5b69d0 adapt "disks" plugin to new object structure of "blockdevice"" 14 years ago
lars ecf056709e CryptoBoxRootActions 14 years ago
lars 0eccca7d22 use short device name for tests 14 years ago
lars 4c634d3f9a remember if lvm is not installed 14 years ago
lars f239a27169 handle invalid plugins patiently 14 years ago
lars 6ca9c5d19a fix invalid argument type 14 years ago
age 66cf3a013e * sed in the webdav event script now works 14 years ago
age 2c77ef5ef5 * new logo drafts 14 years ago
age bacd63be6c fixed the lang.sort fix 14 years ago
age 007137d6a9 fixes language sort problem, for just one language 14 years ago
lars 8817ede76a unittest of 'disk' plugin fixed 14 years ago
lars 524555c8e8 change MAC retrieval to use ifconfig ('ip' would be an additional dependency) 14 years ago
lars a695d37b8c do not ignore used loop devices (size > 0) 14 years ago
lars 9c649312d0 adapt partition plugin to the new blockdevice implementation 14 years ago
lars 4a4778d876 improve handling of python versions for debian 14 years ago
lars f9da813bd9 typo fixed: reported by Gilles Accad 14 years ago
lars 397cf128d2 synchronized changelog and README 14 years ago
age 247b188aec * network plugin displays mac address 14 years ago
age e6965127e8 * fixed typo 14 years ago
lars 1270b00a5f removed dependency on /dev/mapper location from container.py 14 years ago
lars 3224d59dfe change identation from tabs to spaces 14 years ago
lars c8e28f5241 improved log messages 14 years ago
lars 35a6570a52 improved implementation of blockdevice cache 14 years ago
lars b72310097c changed the interface of CryptoBoxRootActions: "allowedProgs" are now prefixed with the parameter "program" 14 years ago
lars 53e09ff825 new approach for blockdevice detection and handling 14 years ago
age cbfddddeb2 * network plugin supports dhcp 14 years ago
age c33ae31267 * added ntfs write support via fuse (ntfs-3g) 14 years ago
age c3784c8e98 * flame foto 14 years ago
age 56584aef69 * filesystem determination works with encrypted containers 14 years ago
age 746bc1bb3e * removed stupid network restart plugin, this fixes date again 14 years ago
age e3b3bc5b94 * added a template to make plugin writing more simpler 14 years ago
age bab09231d7 * fixed language germanism 14 years ago
age d5c630393a * better checks 14 years ago
age 1f395025a3 * more helpful comment 14 years ago
age 91f54ffa66 * logs plugin prepares download button for syslogfile, activate in configfile 14 years ago
age d2d974c18b spelling and some html fixes 14 years ago
age 7df6cb5e85 corrected 14 years ago
age 667324eb90 more infos for users & developers 14 years ago