257 Commits (414389951e28d88e195aaf5e23316a39523b354a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars 1b94c2d431 typo in german translation 18 years ago
lars 3fc6fff66e lnaguages now written with small first letter
slovenian translation added
18 years ago
phear 237014f0c6 ant logo with 100px height 18 years ago
phear 806533a9fc two strings escaped proper templating 18 years ago
phear 3bbb6bdc5d fixed spelling 18 years ago
lars a8a305c914 autorun.ini adapted to new directory layout 18 years ago
lars b0f6d79006 mount_form: minor design fix
cryptobox.pl: handling of admin_pw and crypto_pw finally fixed
minor language improvements
18 years ago
lars f1421dcaae validation design improved 18 years ago
lars 33b8c0996a test cases fixed
design and usability of validation results improved
18 years ago
lars 8b462fe47c minor language fixes 18 years ago
lars f029c973e8 general userdoc header/footer moved 18 years ago
phear b936229806 english translation complete 18 years ago
lars ad86fec58b multilingual userdoc implemented 18 years ago
phear 03f32cf97d typo in german translation 18 years ago
lars 12f2089bd5 'password' field consistently renamed to 'crypto_password' 18 years ago
lars f9efbead42 redirect in error-404-page fixed
validate does not create tar.gz anymore
18 years ago
lars 2780ec34b6 validation script fixed (some sed expressions) 18 years ago
lars 2521d5f74a test cases fixed (obsolete form field renamed)
html encoding changed to utf-8
http redirects fixed ("refresh" did not contain the "url" keyword)
18 years ago
lars 936bb4880c check_smb_idle does finally work 18 years ago
phil 415e779adf translated a single word (i am so lazy...) 18 years ago
phear 083066efae first part of english translation 18 years ago
lars 53ee02c839 check_smb_idle fixed 18 years ago
phear f546cd674b yet another logo proposal 18 years ago
lars 6dfae47ff4 on-screen-help deactivated
cbox-dev.sh executable flag set
18 years ago
lars bbc0f5cdd7 always unmount /proc after chroot - fixes building of CD 18 years ago
lars e9a26dccfb last logo proposal improved 18 years ago
lars df4df16ee4 new logo proposal 18 years ago
lars b68a7e78c8 static doc pages added
autorun.ini, start.html and shellopn added
changed URLs in css to relative links
18 years ago
lars dd99c01b7a kernel config file added
dfsbuild: changed 'sarge' to 'stable'
fixed 'TEMPLATE_DIR' ambiguity
web user interface improved (more state dependent)
doc: update
minor language improvement
18 years ago
lars 0dad80f2b1 first draft of cover added
validation delay added
18 years ago
lars 4563cedd65 unnecessary validation delay removed 18 years ago
lars aeb4f4fb21 new logo proposal
test cases for admin password added
admin password form field fixed
18 years ago
lars cb51a7aa9d logo proposals 18 years ago
lars b03cec52bb new logo proposal uploaded
stupid syntax errors in cgi fixed
18 years ago
lars ea8b329e33 renamed 'tools' to 'scripts'
added first draft of README
18 years ago
lars 591f327def moved cbox-scripts to 'tools' 18 years ago
lars 816be64819 config_do and init_do check administration password
setting of administration password is no part of initialization anymore
18 years ago
lars b91e2da4d1 fixed a lot of indentions
added a administration password to initialization
18 years ago
lars 28380202b9 removed the last pieces of hard coded text from the templates 18 years ago
lars 08ec772ca5 validation: fixed some bugs
validation: removed support for remote validation (now it only works in a local network)
18 years ago
lars f395dedb4f substitute constants in predicted validation result files 18 years ago
lars 2cec33cd2c css: language selection position is now 'fixed' instead of 'absolute'
added context sensitive help (hover)
css: changed hovered color of buttons to light green
hdf: renamed some elements of the data tree
cgi: language validation fixed
cgi: documentation language setting fixed
cgi: diskinfo rendering fixed
18 years ago
lars 36c46b8ece multilinugual infrastructure for documentation added 18 years ago
lars 9c3dce9321 cahnged userdoc source to 'toolforge' (instead of 'wikis/howto') 18 years ago
lars 7dcc84c75b doc: link images removed
doc: stylesheet improved
encoding changed from utf-8 to utf-16
18 years ago
lars 989a64d3d7 added warning for necessary 'root' right
cbox-build.sh: CONFIG renamed to DFS_CONFIG
removed some unnecessary settings from cbox-build.sh and cbox-dev.sh
18 years ago
lars 3e211a5e77 new doc pages added
cbox-build.sh splitted into itself and cbox-dev.sh
18 years ago
lars bab84df735 dfs.cbox.conf renamed to dfs-cbox.conf 18 years ago
lars 1f57d14ed1 cbox-build.sh: 'ssh' action added
cbox-build.sh: create local configuration directories automatically
18 years ago
lars bd49326856 added some configure examples for customization
added a simple TODO-finder
cbox-buid.sh: changed some names of functions
updated doc pages
18 years ago