257 Commits (414389951e28d88e195aaf5e23316a39523b354a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars 141d6ef4d4 release-policy updated 18 years ago
lars 412a4909f7 remove "vim-common" from release CD 18 years ago
lars f9007fb3ca silent error in "harden" action fixed 18 years ago
lars b6ef226aeb small fix for cbox-build 18 years ago
lars 5b928a6cc3 dfsbuild: removed ntpdate and wipe packages
release policy added
cbox-dev: new action "qemuz" (for compressed image)
cbox-build: added "opt", "boot" and "var" to "uncompressed_items" for compressed iso
cbox-build: remove deb-archiv-pool from "/opt/packages" (used by dfsbuild)
small logo added
18 years ago
lars f026370bbe version information added to footer of web interface
'status' link fixed
check_smb_idle.sh fixed (insufficient path environment by cron)
18 years ago
lars 9c69eb7786 validation: remove refresh-redirects from retrieved pages
validation: 'check_all' is now the default action
18 years ago
lars 11bc71a35f minor language improvements
action 'mount_do' now displays 'empty' instead of 'status'
18 years ago
lars 42168e04f3 test cases for doc and log 18 years ago
lars 61aa586c78 removed last css bug
added style information for log
18 years ago
lars 31da7aaab0 restored most css changes ('inherit' is not good)
filter mkfs-output to improve html compliance of log display
changed order of runlevel scripts to enable copying of cert during config-up
18 years ago
lars a2db4f7e80 open html tag closed
css errors and warnings fixed
README updated
18 years ago
lars 6757ab8eee more comprehensive SuccessMessage for reboot-action 18 years ago
lars 78e07ec99e validate: replace "<" and ">" by html entities
improve SuccessMessage.InitRunning
added a TODO for open translation issues
18 years ago
lars 0c9bd1dfd1 html tag closed 18 years ago
lars d528fd8409 the remaining two forms converted to IE-compatible mis-style 18 years ago
phear 5596fd9e41 changed some forms hoping it will make the cbox work with Microsofts so-called browser. 18 years ago
lars 121a2f081c validation report should not be part of repository: too volatile
another form attribute combination
18 years ago
lars fae808bbff validation: confirmation string now depends on language 18 years ago
phil d25b823f61 same IE fix - this time the right one 18 years ago
phil 211f67449e new reports 18 years ago
phil 86c82c1c89 old report deleted (svn fix to upload the new report) 18 years ago
phil 97054c2333 validation report 18 years ago
phil c72f0d49a5 IE bugfix 18 years ago
lars 332d7be76b transparency removed from logo 18 years ago
lars 6545881fad maybe a fix for ie5/6 form submission bug 18 years ago
lars 0a270b2084 slovenian translation completed 18 years ago
lars 51e3f4c5b9 favicon added 18 years ago
lars f15ad301f8 COMPRESSED_ITEMS updated
warning, if build script is not run from ROOT_DIR
18 years ago
lars e755609afb test cases changed to english as default language
test cases for 'status' pages added
18 years ago
lars c1b5e829a0 status page added 18 years ago
lars 27ed317dad IE rendering bug fixed 18 years ago
phil 1df9fb1d95 fixes for IE5 18 years ago
lars f965151412 trivial change in smb.conf 18 years ago
phil 525a37e536 changed directory separators 18 years ago
phil 229dec0d21 changed one word 18 years ago
lars b928d6520d doc: validate_doc_language fixed
transparency of weblang increased
userdocexport improved
userdoc update
shutdown_form fixed
18 years ago
lars 06b5faa091 autorun issue fixed 18 years ago
lars 6f4b078bb8 doc pages updated
cryptobox.pl: changed "intro" to doc->CryptoBoxIntro
userdocexport: page list updated
18 years ago
lars 46f5e7658d default language changed to english
cbox-manage: action "clean" added (for development only)
18 years ago
lars 77b781420d validation: web interface language is now configurable 18 years ago
lars 817b126130 autorun.inf renamed to autorun.ini
new cbox-build action "isoz" for compressed image (saves 100MB)
18 years ago
lars 90384f68a9 minor language fix
added green menue-div in case of redirection
18 years ago
lars b969e59157 unified form header
persistent user-specific language setting fixed
18 years ago
lars 58a574ac84 test case fixed
new test case added
18 years ago
lars 4c1d197472 fixed bug, that would prevent re-initialization after reboot (stunnel.pem)
switches dfsbuild-host from "localhost" to "" (in case of missing fstab)
18 years ago
lars 882b9d1bb7 removed last hard coded texts
'EnterCurrentCryptoPassword' added to language files
'EnterAdminPassword' renamed to 'EnterCurrentAdminPassword'
language file loaded immeadiately before rendering
sort language links in web interface lexically
reordered 'find' options to avoid warnings
18 years ago
lars e1d9b1b4bf cover changed to ant
svg of ant added
18 years ago
lars be23aaa582 right margin added to logo
contributor's section added
18 years ago
lars 0c5afa3a91 new logo for president: the ant 18 years ago