257 Commits (414389951e28d88e195aaf5e23316a39523b354a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
age 86c8235b13 /dev/hdd is in /dev/hd[e|f] are out 18 years ago
lars 71f7fba112 first validation test case renamed 18 years ago
lars e2cef6c3dc first validation request now resets the box
change action "box_purge" to "do_purge"
18 years ago
lars d4dbcba4f3 use preferred browser language if the box is not initialized yet
improved error handling of cgi
18 years ago
lars 2d0dd97a31 fix tabindex settings for form focus 18 years ago
lars 448243f92b renamed templates from '..._form.cs' to 'form_....cs'
renamed 'status.cs' to 'show_status.cs'
renamed 'doc.cs' to 'show_doc.cs'
18 years ago
age dc0ba8844a logo displays now mount status 18 years ago
age 7be472a432 mentioned the init bugfix 18 years ago
age 28cc0be47f added box-purge functionnality 18 years ago
age 7ac7e0bdb6 introduced box-purge 18 years ago
age c3830accd8 changed a filename 18 years ago
age 68c57e99d0 add log_msg for cipher & hash 18 years ago
lars 6499f84ae2 semikolon added
error handling of get_harddisk changed
18 years ago
age 782810135e *built new kernel
*new "get_available_disks" feature
*some backports in 0.2.1
18 years ago
age d88b3c2796 * scan-device list enhanced
* minor changes in cb-boot services
* cbox-manage interrupts without a harddisk
18 years ago
lars 086911e1b8 cgi: skip the harddisk check for some actions (doc, log, shutdown) 18 years ago
age 87af15a2f3 project link updated 18 years ago
age 07864d0039 iso burning decision 18 years ago
lars bef3095b6e CHANGELOG added 18 years ago
lars f6c590ebc9 protect the grub interface by an invalid password hash
update version in dfs-cbox.conf
add dfs-cbox.conf to release-policy
18 years ago
lars 6bae466c61 executable flag of cb-hint-init-script fixed
update of README
18 years ago
age 17ebfb888c - aes is no longer a kernel module
- fresh baken kernel
18 years ago
lars c3deedc570 change default cipher to aes-cbc-essiv:256
change default hash to ripemd160
remove obsolete "wipe"
add default setting support for older versions
move crypto settings from cryptobox.conf to /usr/share/cryptobox/defaults
18 years ago
phil 9da0c40427 screenshots added (english versions) 18 years ago
lars 7eaa3c7b70 example for apt-proxy added to dfs-cbox.conf
hints for no-login added to init-scripts
version file added to cryptobox configuration template (for config partition)
18 years ago
lars fcd86832f1 added subversion's "Id" and "Revision" tags to most files
removed manual extraction of revision from cbox-build.sh
18 years ago
lars acea0fbc6b kernel-build comments 18 years ago
age 33f2a4dd38 minor changes 18 years ago
lars 797029c3a7 kernel config file renamed 18 years ago
lars fc99e96230 md5sum added to release-policy 18 years ago
lars 2c99a7ec8c policy for kernel building and integration added 18 years ago
lars 2c9ee5b9e9 cover-upload added to release-policy.txt
homepage added to cover
dfs-cbox.conf changed for new kernel
18 years ago
phil c339ed8c91 English pdf cover 18 years ago
age d020208a1d kernel built with new conf 18 years ago
phear 58cee81908 fixed speling 18 years ago
phil 27a0f869ca a small change in German cover
added English cover - someone may correct it
18 years ago
phil ff1d460a96 changed 'Sie' to 'Du' 18 years ago
phil c1ef4b6de6 files renamed 18 years ago
phil f00e86a4a2 cover fixed 18 years ago
phil e5de2ec99e added and removed some stuff 18 years ago
phil a1ee9e47d3 changed some words in German and English. Some sentences sound better
now. Slovenian changes are missing.
18 years ago
age 3ef7f34b28 translation needs just one hour 18 years ago
age 3c664c9478 translation instructions in README 18 years ago
phil 3ebc94a891 ticket #51 solved 18 years ago
phil 38b589d35b renamed 18 years ago
phil 8daddca574 screenshots for trac added 18 years ago
lars 6c14804da3 userdocexport adapted to trac instead of moinmoin
documentation updated
warning for chroot-environment added
18 years ago
lars c6ab182e14 unused branch removed
hints updated
codecoop redirection added
18 years ago
lars 12a6b887c1 hints for the trac-wiki
screenshots added
18 years ago
lars 527f138146 "release" action now defaults to "dfsbuild config harden isoz" (instead of "iso")
"burn" action now refers to the compressed image
18 years ago