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@ -17,11 +17,11 @@ Lang {
InitWarning = During initialization ALL DATA on the disk will be DELETED!
InitDescription = This step is required before the first use only.<br>For daily use you just have to activate and deactivate the encrypted filesystem.
ConfirmInitHint = To confirm that you know what you are doing, please enter exactly the following sequence:
ConfirmInit = yes, delete all data!
ConfirmInit = Yes, delete all data!
PartitionInfo = Current partitioning of the hard drive:
IPAddress = Network address (IP) of the CryptoBox:
TimeOut = Timeout of the encrypted filesystem (in minutes):
EmptyLog = Das logs of CryptoBox are empty.
EmptyLog = The logs of CryptoBox are empty.
SelectLanguage = Language preferences:
RedirectNote = Click here if your Browser does not support the automatic redirection.