45 Commits (5f3713aecdf1f91a86e84e6f9d758b73a32b70b6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
1resu 5f3713aecd Add interface to create and update user accounts 1 year ago
1resu 5c89cf1501 Remove unused test data 1 year ago
1resu 97444ab902 Add ApplicationRecord as new superclass for app models
1 year ago
1resu f5efc9af77 Specify minimal possible rails release for migrations 1 year ago
1resu 7c7d780719 Update confirm syntax 1 year ago
JuliusR 7e2c1d58f6 add apk packages to Dockerfile.development: sqlite[-dev], tzdata 1 year ago
JuliusR 6eb1d60f03 use alpine:3.14 as Dockerfile.development's base (was: 3.5) 1 year ago
JuliusR a92d4a1a32 prefer '-b' over '--bind' (docker-compose.yml)
The latter yields the following error:

    `handle_argument_error': ERROR: "rails server" was called with
    arguments ["--bind", ""] (Thor::InvocationError)
1 year ago
JuliusR dc1b336ba4 prefix 'rails server' command with 'bundle exec' (docker-compose.yml) 1 year ago
JuliusR 4ac6d08bc8 set Dockerfile's base image to ruby:2.7.5 1 year ago
1resu 169fcd305b Rename secret_token to secret_key_base 1 year ago
1resu 7be9d11ce5 Add secrets file 1 year ago
1resu f92c925434 Add more necessary gems, define versions, remove comments 1 year ago
1resu 471f78bcd8 Pin verion for midi-smtp-server 1 year ago
JuliusR 74837d4f9a copy config/schedule.rb from old sharedlists 1 year ago
JuliusR c6b5b561dc add whenever 1 year ago
JuliusR f5e81e71d4 copy README.md from old sharedlists 1 year ago
1resu 867ecc28ae Rename tasks files to their actual task name 1 year ago
JuliusR 2db00d5d3d rails generate simple_form:install 1 year ago
JuliusR 718407f1ac copy config/locales/en.yml 1 year ago
JuliusR 894c54421b use Strong Parameters for Article 1 year ago
JuliusR 81ba5ab20e fix article pagination 1 year ago
JuliusR 952aecfb40 migrate lib/tasks/mail.rake for MidiSmtpServer 3
see https://midi-smtp-server.readthedocs.io/appendix_upgrade/
1 year ago
1resu c7a74c8e7d Change update_attributes to update 1 year ago
JuliusR 6340e224ed add will_paginate 1 year ago
JuliusR 4e18ab61d7 update Gemfile.lock after fe027ff57f 1 year ago
JuliusR ad35e02ddb use Strong Parameters for Supplier 1 year ago
JuliusR e26ef59ea2 add jquery (via webpack) 1 year ago
1resu fe027ff57f Add requirement to midi-smtp-server 1 year ago
JuliusR db1dabbb4b add simple_form 1 year ago
JuliusR 90be4c513d fix app/lib path for loading yml
introduced by d595ae8117
1 year ago
JuliusR dbe260e4fe add roo and roo-xls 1 year ago
JuliusR d595ae8117 migrate previous lib/ (except tasks) to app/lib 1 year ago
JuliusR c135679992 fix email regex in Supplier (\A,\z vs ^,$) 1 year ago
1resu cbcf042992 Merge branch 'main' of git.systemausfall.org:julius/sharedlists 1 year ago
1resu 1ef6964dd7 Add tasks files 1 year ago
JuliusR 4d553d793b replace db by previous version 1 year ago
JuliusR a30090ff86 remove attr_accessible from User model 1 year ago
JuliusR a154ed0356 add bcrypt 1 year ago
JuliusR 2133be2436 replace skeleton files by previous version; apply obvious fixes 1 year ago
1resu 1f5cbcd6d1 Add Docker files, Update rails commands 1 year ago
1resu 7f0e2c3b42 Add Licence file 1 year ago
JuliusR 57e4cf3dee rails haml:erb2haml 1 year ago
JuliusR 8fbd85f11a add haml-rails 1 year ago
JuliusR 70ebeb473d initial commit (rails new sharedlists) 1 year ago