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# Files in the config/locales directory are used for internationalization
# and are automatically loaded by Rails. If you want to use locales other
# than English, add the necessary files in this directory.
# To use the locales, use `I18n.t`:
# I18n.t 'hello'
# In views, this is aliased to just `t`:
# <%= t('hello') %>
# To use a different locale, set it with `I18n.locale`:
# I18n.locale = :es
# This would use the information in config/locales/es.yml.
# The following keys must be escaped otherwise they will not be retrieved by
# the default I18n backend:
# true, false, on, off, yes, no
# Instead, surround them with single quotes.
# en:
# 'true': 'foo'
# To learn more, please read the Rails Internationalization guide
# available at
hello: "Hello world"
article_category: Category
deposit: Deposit
gross_price: Gross price
manufacturer: Manufacturer
name: Name
note: Note
order_number: Order number
origin: Origin
price: Price (net)
supplier: Supplier
tax: VAT
unit: Unit
unit_quantity: Unit quantity
unit_quantity_short: U.Q.
units: Units
address: Address
ftp_host: FTP host
ftp_user: FTP user
ftp_password: FTP password
ftp_sync: Synchronise files via FTP
ftp_type: File format
ftp_regexp: File filter (regexp)
delivery_days: Delivery days
email: Email
fax: Fax
mail_sync: Update articles by email
mail_type: File format
min_order_quantity: Minimum order quantity
min_order_quantity_short: Min. quantity
name: Name
note: Note
order_howto: How to order
phone: Phone
phone2: Phone 2
url: Homepage
email: Email
first_name: First name
last_name: Last name
name: Name
password: Password
password_confirmation: Repeat password
phone: Telephone
article: Article
supplier: Supplier
user: User
ftp_regexp_hint: "Must fit to file format. Example: \\A(?:[.]/)?PL.{0,6}[.]BNN\\z for bnn, \\A(?:[.]/)?.+[.]csv\\z for foodsoft."