698 Commits (b7f6afcc671e682a4182a5ba01a9ba19a58b937f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars b7f6afcc67 * fixed one broken indentation 13 years ago
lars 38843516fa * fixed some coding style issues 13 years ago
lars f389508ed8 * changed importance of some log messages 13 years ago
lars ffb8f841be * change default indentation (as checked by pylint) from tab to spaces 13 years ago
lars fe0a062bf6 * added code to catch some more error conditions 13 years ago
lars df2a8a0db9 * fixed an issue with the creation of the configuration partition due to an index offset change with the new blockdevice module (Closes: #215) 13 years ago
lars 864d7091f6 * don't refresh the whole device list after each plugin run, but just refresh the current device 13 years ago
lars 94102a3575 * added some triggers for refreshing the cache after partitioning 13 years ago
lars 7b0de22e3a * fixed some minor problems caused by revision [1162] 13 years ago
lars 22021866b4 * added a (non-linked) url to access the list of recognized block devices 13 years ago
lars 6984bc8841 * added more specific information to a log message 13 years ago
lars 6ad1523510 cryptonas blockdevice management: 13 years ago
frisco 2e8609b0d2 Major updates to scripts for unit tests and pydoc 13 years ago
frisco 9cd3d7dd42 Now calls "/sbin/blockdev --rereadpt" after any changes to partition tables; should fix bug #214 13 years ago
frisco 9add2a7b34 Fixed integration issue with cryptsetup; unit tests now pass 13 years ago
frisco 7032d06020 Fixed inconsistency in logging-related code; fixed size of unit test partitions to equal 50M each 13 years ago
frisco a4b638606a Fixed typo in r1156 that broke some unit tests 13 years ago
frisco 615073e02c Changes to use unit tests in non-User Mode Linux environment; merged cryptobox.conf into 13 years ago
frisco f2d88519b0 Possible fix for one unit test 13 years ago
frisco e2b335f5d0 Added src image for splash screen. Fixed error in r1151. 14 years ago
age dedfd84a2c fonts for the logo (they are in the debian package 14 years ago
lars 7928ddecb7 plugin "encrypted_webinterface": 14 years ago
lars 4301427e26 CryptoNAS config validation: 14 years ago
lars 54d69c506e CryptoNAS default configuration: 14 years ago
frisco 7be740e01a Created script to generate pydoc documentation. Works for me, but has some rough edges. 14 years ago
frisco c1a086f3e4 Added `--use-fuzzy' to msgfmt call, fixing undesired German messages in English locale. 14 years ago
age adbaf2ef0d correct hdf value for umount error 14 years ago
lars fe235df686 remove unittest failures for non-existing tests 14 years ago
lars 0541981452 fix the 'test_allowed_devices' unittest 14 years ago
lars 3e79c98545 fixed two unittests 14 years ago
lars 87289af11a fix remaining issue of cryptsetup v1.0.5 (continues r1102) 14 years ago
age 916b4bebce * fixed typo 14 years ago
age 9fa6376672 * cryptsetup demands running with uid=0 since v1.0.5 14 years ago
lars 1f75580b95 the new translate-toolkit does not need "removeblanks" anymore 14 years ago
lars 81e5a2e8fd for self-test: handle TypeErrors nicely 14 years ago
lars 43a5c83ea8 update translations from Pootle server (translation branch v0.3.x) 14 years ago
lars 28c4d5b843 fix typo 14 years ago
lars e165d97819 replace "CryptoBox" with "CryptoNAS" in template files 14 years ago
age b9a89f4480 * removed bashisms 14 years ago
age 86a42c6857 * actual languages from translation server 14 years ago
lars 4c9b4e5a5b init of a filesystem checker plugin - not finished, yet 14 years ago
lars b0d2a2deae fix call of test function 14 years ago
age 35bed3b4e6 * fixed network unittests 14 years ago
lars eaf37a872a add "is_parent_of" function to blockdevice module 14 years ago
age 42a5e1bcc6 * unittests are using /dev/ubd* in uml 14 years ago
lars b1c733cd52 update blockdevice unittests to new blockdevice module 14 years ago
age e8a4edee6a * use ram instaed of loop device for unittests 14 years ago
age 22eaddc496 * floppy disks are now unsupported 14 years ago
age 5aba14b469 * device list as explicit list 14 years ago
age 085a0daa95 * reduced size for test partitions 14 years ago