Added `--use-fuzzy' to msgfmt call, fixing undesired German messages in English locale.

Rationale: Some English translation text strings are now marked "fuzzy" despite their 
actually being correct. This is presumably because, during the transition to "gettext" 
or from tabs to spaces, some strings got reformatted in a way "gettext" didn't expect. 
Since several translations are falsely marked "fuzzy" in English, it's likely that the 
same is true for some of the other supported languages as well. The "--use-fuzzy" option 
can optionally be turned off after the *.po files are verified by human translators.
frisco 15 years ago
parent adbaf2ef0d
commit c1a086f3e4

@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ def compile_po_file(po_file):
"""compile the binary mo file out of a po file
import subprocess
return [ "msgfmt", "-o", po_file[:-3] + ".mo", po_file ] ) == 0
return [ "msgfmt", "--use-fuzzy", "-o", po_file[:-3] + ".mo", po_file ] ) == 0