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lars 13e95d015f fixed case-sensitive matching 13 years ago
FilmBar FilmBar verschoben 17 years ago
PGAss erster import der PythonGnuplotAssistant dateien 19 years ago
WKNcharts Fortschrittanzeige rein 16 years ago
WdpF/Yes-Men-Uebersetzung Hinweise 18 years ago
adstreme/KeywordGenerator cleaning up 17 years ago
backe123 gpg-backup 19 years ago
digitemp 16 years ago
event_map first draft of the event map with openlayers 14 years ago
fotokiosk Mailtext fuer Kinderrechtsaktion rein 14 years ago
gnome-menu Skript zur Bandbreitenmessung 18 years ago
ical_aggregator ical aggregator: 14 years ago
in-gen noch ein bisschen Sicherheit gegen doppeltes Klicken rein 17 years ago
knoppix-remastering example for labview/comedi live-cd added 17 years ago
led-satellite/hardware/satellites/schematic * added some details regarding the specific devices for the LED driver 13 years ago
mailbot automatic mailbot initiated 18 years ago
mythtv fixed case-sensitive matching 13 years ago
netz-tools dies ist ein kleines script für entfernte debian upgrades, wenn vor 18 years ago
notiz-datenbank [notiz-datenbank] input fields for mail address adjusted 17 years ago
osm OSM dynamic markers: 13 years ago
osm-massmail updated infos for OSM data mining 14 years ago
python-gimp added an example gimp-python plugin for applying some filters to a list of files (non-interactively) 14 years ago
ql-web/trunk utf-8 based language file 17 years ago
spielspass 17 years ago
tmpl2html billiges Templatesystem geschrieben 17 years ago
translate-workflows translate toolkit helper script: 14 years ago
wg-dialer kurze Installationsanleitung 18 years ago
wortschlucker switched to python2.5 (due to problems on a mixed lenny/squeeze system) 13 years ago
xml2typo3 15 years ago script for using a template account for multi-user environments 18 years ago aus "admin-tools" verschoben 17 years ago * aspect ratio in hilfe eingetragen 16 years ago
imageindex aus "admin-tools" verschoben 17 years ago init 17 years ago 15 years ago die trac admin konsole 17 years ago