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1resu 32779af746 Loesche htman und tycker, sind im eigenen Repo 2 years ago
phil a068bba0e9 Requirements aktualisiert 2 years ago
phil c625fa2774 Styling fuer Passwortaenderung 2 years ago
lars 2e471734eb htman: korrigiere Frontpage-Formular fuer fehlenden abschliessenden Slash 2 years ago
phil b8bce3c740 Styling mit Bootstrap 2 years ago
lars 0d628fc321 htman: erlaube Wiki-Auswahl per Formular 2 years ago
lars c82f0f480e htman: add cgi wrapper 2 years ago
lars 953cb2f935 htman: switch from bobo to bottle 2 years ago
lars 50c8d6f75c htman: vorlaeufige Ruecknahme der flask-Umstellung 2 years ago
phil d15403403b Starte Flask-Transformation 2 years ago
phil 80193feb76 Umlaute korrekt codiert 5 years ago
phil 05a0fb1ebb Refresh angepasst 7 years ago
phil 21e941bf3a Editierbare Sidebar 7 years ago
phil f33a78467d remove obsolete line 7 years ago
lars c4bab23f41 fehlerhaften "/index.html"-Link verkuerzt 7 years ago
lars ca9461261b "Wiki" statt "Access Zone" 7 years ago
phil 0e7a3c73e5 make wml only from current html file 8 years ago
phil 56adeface3 generate wap/wml-output 8 years ago
phil c0d3d15a92 include sidebar content 8 years ago
phil cb366ed056 css clock styling 8 years ago
lars 78070249a3 Encoding beim Schreiben in utf-8 8 years ago
phil ca6ed90efc change refresh time to reduce mobile data 8 years ago
phil e9eb7db627 more help content 8 years ago
phil 0324bac7ee make button and help more user friendly 8 years ago
phil 5c8fa829df small changes 8 years ago
phil 9e962cf268 form help 8 years ago
phil 3b0cdf534c permit entry without title 8 years ago
phil eb82ff6ad1 small input help 8 years ago
phil a2c83f1b05 admin interface with tab layout 8 years ago
phil 5d2a411f6a refresh page every 60 seconds 8 years ago
phil 172437d378 simple javascript clock for frontend 8 years ago
phil d68fa2c57e small howto 8 years ago
phil dcbf6b90a0 uppercase 8 years ago
phil d3c53a0070 bootstrap doesn't show lines 8 years ago
phil e121ce9b7a clarify help box 8 years ago
phil 2b42525660 more styling for the admin interface 8 years ago
phil 618c0659ad recover generate button 8 years ago
phil 8d5ba3cbd6 basic syntax instructions, not nice yet 8 years ago
lars d2fc219ac2 Beispiel-Layout hinzugefügt 8 years ago
lars 297b268395 leichte Layout-Aufhuebschungen 8 years ago
phil e84e413dd7 kleine Anpassung fuer ramus und python 2.7 8 years ago
lars 3196747cd9 fixed changes of startup position 10 years ago
lars 15b6a9b488 improved code structure 10 years ago
lars 25de2207f7 added admin page for review of recent link submissions 10 years ago
lars c0d3ec4341 test title and description of new poll for spam 10 years ago
lars 26c12c9024 spam blacklist moved to config file 10 years ago
phear dd00012758 bugfix + also check the titles of new polls 10 years ago
phear ae791b40e5 added minimal blacklist catching > 90% of current spam polls 10 years ago
phear 215495915c small bug in the admin panel fixed 10 years ago
phear 88a7725d0f admin: allow sorting polls by number of submissions 10 years ago