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now =
<p><form action="generate" method="GET">
<input type="submit" value="Generate" />
<i><a href="../../${static_url}" title="static website">static website</a></i>
<p><i><a href="../../${static_url}" title="static website">show tycker website</a></i></p>
<p>The content may be written in <a href="" target="_blank">wikicreole syntax</a>. Here are some examples:</p>
<dd>//italics// --> <em>italics</em></dd>
<dd>**bold** --> <strong>bold</strong></dd>
<dd>Link to [[page]] --> Link to <a href="">page</a></dd>
<dd>[[URL|linkname]] --> <a href="">linkname</a></dd>
<dd>== Large heading</dd>
<dd>=== Medium heading</dd>
<dd>==== Small heading</dd>
<table border="1">