27 Commits (b83f74f9eb592b51d059aba4b2f81bb3a623a1d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars e6c58fef89 website of ezmlm changed from http://ezmlm.org/ to http://untroubled.org/ezmlm/ 9 years ago
lars 253b80f338 Updated description of webusers file to the behaviour since ezmlm-web v3.3.
Thanks to Daniele for the hint!
13 years ago
lars 36ac1d4cfc added rike and Jean-Matthieu as French translation contributors 14 years ago
lars 3c3fad072f ezmlm-web:
* update version information for new release v3.3.1
15 years ago
lars 0afddf2487 ezmlm-web release preparations:
* update documentation
* update changelog
* update debian files
15 years ago
lars cd30c44a7f Release preparation:
* updated some version information
15 years ago
lars 5b203e002f add encoding to the output of the subscription log 15 years ago
lars e73d6af533 added translation:
- Russian (complete) - contributed by Anton Ponkratov
 - Spanish (complete) - contributed by Jose Luis Martinez
 - French (incomplete) - contributed by Lionel
15 years ago
lars 477796cf9b typoe fixed (reported by Hans F. Nordhaug) 15 years ago
lars cd2ad51b08 use Mail::Address or Email::Address (whichever is available) - "Mail::Address" was required before
improved colors of warnings and errors
ScriptAlias of example apache config changed to /ezmlm-web
16 years ago
lars 70d0ae5d01 disable encryption support for now
README.clearsilver is obsolete
adapt ezmlmwebrc.dist to the new HTML_CSS_COMMON setting (renamed from HTML_CSS_FILE)
separate style and color settings (CSS)
add HTML_CSS_COLOR setting
adapted Makefile.PL to the new paths
cleaned up the README file
prevent uppercase letters in dotqmail filenames
16 years ago
lars 4173d41791 Translation added by Carlinhos Cecconi 16 years ago
lars 4c83771e11 updated UPGRADE file
new configuration setting: HTML_LINKS
changed layout of top div
fixed some IE rendering problems
improved visualization of subscriber's log
changed interface of 'form_header' macros
moved interface and language selection to the top of the page
reverse order of subscriber's log entries
HTML_CSS_FILE replaced by HTML_CSS_URL - it defaults to '/ezmlm-web.css'
added manpages for 'webusers' and 'ezmlmwebrc' file formats
added check for required settings
ignore 'taintness' of 'send' input data due to non-ascii characters in buttons' values
16 years ago
lars 42b03c5679 fixed copyright issues 16 years ago
lars e6438d0777 suppress success message if no subscriber was added
gettext support is now optional - otherwise only english is delivered
fixed GPG_SUPPORT: a missing module does not break the code anymore
subscription log added
moved gettext dependency from code to packaging - the perl gettext support in sarge seems to be broken
16 years ago
lars dcc2ef9a56 removed obsolete clearsilver notes
added initial stuff for gettext support
added dependency: liblocale-gettext-perl
16 years ago
lars c593d9b3ed some documentation fixes
added svn:keywords for documentation files
17 years ago
lars a5e73e96f6 changed fancy listing of files in download directory
improved directory structure
17 years ago
lars 2fd3332f66 instructions for encrypted mailing lists added 17 years ago
lars 88072eec38 support for encrypted mailing lists finished
small stylesheet improvements
language detection
language selection implemented
(prepared for release 3.2)
17 years ago
lars 33e299a402 branch "ui_templates" moved to new trunk 17 years ago
lars 7930994498 'modsub' and 'remote' can be configured differently
warning, if both of them are set at the same time
require Text::ParseWords
require Mail::Ezmlm v0.07
support charset and language
changed available options in mod-subscribers page
release policy added
prepared for release 3.1
17 years ago
lars 511fbb851f incorporate language fix from 3.0.2
update website
17 years ago
lars fd93f61edd new trunk taken from ezmlm-web 3.0 17 years ago
lars e2d2171b84 updates version to 2.3 18 years ago
lars 067e130847 documentation updated 18 years ago
lars 32feb3b926 subversion layout restructured 18 years ago