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@ -83,14 +83,14 @@ Version 2.1 - 25/09/00
* Added support for file uploads of email addresses (multiple subscribe)
* Made error handling more friendly
Version 2.2 - 26/01/02005
Version 2.2 - 26/01/02005 (not officially released)
* German translation of the web interface - more translations can be added easily
* changed "ALT"-tags to "TITLE" - most browsers will display the tooltip texts now
* fixed security problems (permissions were not thoroughly checked)
* user-based permission for creating lists (can be set in webusersrc)
* the location of the webusers file is now an option in ezmlmwebrc
Version 2.3 - ??/04/02005
Version 2.3 - 21/06/02005
* css styles are used instead of tables
* permission check for upload of files fixed
* removed some taint errors

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@ -1,22 +1,40 @@
The following notes will guide you through the installation of ezmlm-web:
0 - important notes
1 - get it
2 - install executable
3 - configuration file
4 - compile cgi wrapper
5 - install cgi wrapper
6 - (optional) configure access control (http authentication)
7 - final test
0. IMPORTANT: you need the perl module Mail::Ezmlm and others to use
ezmlm-web! The file README contains the list of necessary modules.
ezmlm-web! The file README contains the complete list of necessary
1. Get ezmlm-web and extract the archive:
tar xzf ezmlm-web-2.2.tar.gz
tar xzf ezmlm-web-2.x.tar.gz
2. Copy ezmlm-web.cgi to some publically readable directory. It does not
have to be in a path accessible to your web server, but any user with a
mailing list must be able to run it (Check the read and execute rights
on both the file and directory). We put our copy in "/usr/local/bin".
At the top of you can will probably have to change the
At the top of ezmlm-web.cgi you can will probably have to change the
$ENV{'PATH'} variable. Be careful about what you set as the path. Too
much is a security risk and too little will cause the script to
malfunction. Version 2.0 requires that the following programs be
accessible in your path: mv, rm
3. Edit the ezmlmwebrc file and alter the variables to suit your
particular system.
@ -36,9 +54,12 @@ The following notes will guide you through the installation of ezmlm-web:
- the home directory of the user that runs ezmlm-web.cgi
- the directory, that contains your ezmlm-web.cgi file
4. Edit the index.c file and change the path to the path of your copy
of ezmlm-web.cgi. Then compile this file. You can do this by issuing
the command; gcc -o index.cgi index.c
this command:
gcc -o index.cgi index.c
5. For every user/virtual host that needs to manage mailing lists, you
need to create a SUID (user not root!!) copy of index.cgi (see
@ -54,6 +75,7 @@ The following notes will guide you through the installation of ezmlm-web:
access controlled (here I mean both web and user access) by some method
(eg .htaccess, access.conf for Apache).
6. Install some method of securing access to the page. The following
information is applicable to Apache web servers ... Detailed
information on user authentication can be obtained from the Apache
@ -87,11 +109,13 @@ The following notes will guide you through the installation of ezmlm-web:
Again, see the ApacheWeek article for details.
7. Test the installation through the web. You should be asked for a
username and password (supplied in 6.2) and then be presented with a
screen entitled EZ Mailing List Manger. You can then try to create and
screen entitled "EZ Mailing List Manger". You can then try to create and
edit mailing lists ... Have Fun :)
If you have any problems, then you can:
- take a look at
- send me an email:

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@ -1,7 +1,5 @@
$Id: README,v 1.2 2000/09/25 17:57:21 guy Exp $
| ezmlm-web-2.2 |
| ezmlm-web-2.3 |
If you only want to know how to install ezmlm-web, then you should
II. Some Background
The need for ezmlm-web arose from the fact that we host many student
@ -89,6 +88,7 @@ Since 02005 ezmlm-web is maintained by Lars Kruse (
Only minor improvements had to be implemented to keep the already fully
functional ezmlm-web up to date.
III. Requirements
This version of ezmlm-web requires the following;
@ -110,9 +110,13 @@ developed with. Earlier versions may work, but then they haven't been
tested. Have a look on,, and for anything you are missing.
To install perl modules you may use the cpan command line interface.
Just run "cpan" and type something like "install Mail::Ezmlm".
IV. Files
In this distribution you should find 8 files;
In this distribution you should find eight files;
README This file. Provides some background information.
Not needed to run ezmlm-web.
@ -147,6 +151,7 @@ webusers.sample A sample webusers file for multi-level access control.
The directory "lang" contains the language files. You will need at least the
one, that you have choosen in "ezmlmwebrc" by the option "HTML_LANGUAGE".
V. Notes
* There is a function to delete mailing lists, but I really don't like the
@ -165,10 +170,11 @@ V. Notes
* Please see the section on languages below.
VI. Multi-Level Access
Ezmlm-web has a multi-level access system. This depends on a file called
webusers being present in $LIST_DIR. If the file is not present, then any
webusers being present in $LIST_DIR. If the file is not present, then ANY
valid user has access to all lists. If, however, this file exists a number
of constraints come into place.
@ -207,6 +213,7 @@ option "-c" for ezmlm-web.cgi will still allow everyone to create lists. The
use of this option is deprecated, since the line "ALLOW_CREATE: ALL" provides
the same effect in a cleaner way.
VII. Language Portablity
One of the great new features of version 2.0 is that it is essentially
@ -237,6 +244,7 @@ the OS than previous versions so I don't see any reason why it shouldn't.
Please mail bug reports and comments to
IX. Acknowledgements
* Guy Antony Halse ( - He created ezmlm-web,
@ -258,6 +266,7 @@ IX. Acknowledgements
mailing list, suggestions, help, etc
* Galen Johnson ( - For some ideas on bugfixes.
X. Availability
More information on ezmlm-web and developments to ezmlm-web can be found at:

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@ -1,11 +1,7 @@
$Id: TODO,v 1.3 2000/09/25 19:58:02 guy Exp $
TODO - ezmlm-web 2.3
- mention in INSTALL, that a missing webusers-file deactivates access control
- more documentation
- webusers is not mentioned in INSTALL
- change ./lang/ to /usr/local/share/ezmlm-web/lang

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@ -1,4 +1,12 @@
$Id: UPGRADING,v 1.1 2000/09/25 19:24:20 guy Exp $
This file contains some useful hints for upgrading from a previous version of ezmlm-web.
UPGRADING ezmlm-web 2.2 to ezmlm-web 2.3
there are no known issues
UPGRADING ezmlm-web 2.1 to ezmlm-web 2.2