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$Id: CHANGES,v 1.2 2000/09/25 17:54:06 guy Exp $
REVISION HISTORY - ezmlm-web.cgi
Version 0.1 - 10/04/98 (Not Released)
* University Vac - I was bored and started to play. The first version just
let people play with the subscribers list. No moderators, no nothing.
Version 0.2 - 13/04/98 (Not Released)
* Allow list creation
* Allowed users to edit moderators
Version 0.3 - 15/04/98
* Allow list deletion (for balin@moria.org)
* Made changes to allow it to run on RedHat 4.2 as well as FreeBSD 3.0
* Fixed some minor bugs (cosmetic irritaions really) that people noticed
* Sorted subscribers list into alphabetical order.
* Added command line switch to change list directory (for nxsy@moria.org)
* Wrote some documentation ...
Version 0.4 - 28/04/98
* Fixed up virtual domain (inlocal) stuff as spotted by bryan@rucus
* Allowed the list directory to be automatically created if necessary.
Version 0.5 - 12/05/98 (Not Released)
* More bug fixes. Mainly for mathew@graham.
Version 1.0 - 01/08/98
* Complete re-write to convert to perl5 and CGI.pm
* Removed a lot of dependancy on the OS. Use builtin functions instead :)
* Added support for ezmlm-idx
* Added a lot more command line option support (-adfgiklmnpqsrstux5)
* Added support for digests and digest subscribers
* Added support for blacklists
* Allowed users to edit the config of existing lists
* Allowed the user to edit headeradd and headerremove as well as mimeremove
* Allowed user to edit any of the files in DIR/text
* Revised interface to make it more user-friendly and ergonomic.
* Changed the background colour for Kether (clb@rucus) *gryn*
* Removed a big bug in the delete_list function that had gone unnoticed.
Version 1.0.1 - 10/08/98
* Fixed a bug in the way 1.0 re-configured virtual hosts (bryan@rucus)
* Made the script read the /var/qmail/control files instead of explicitly
setting variables (for david@summersoft)
Version 1.0.2 - 28/08/98
* Fixed the bug introduced in v1.0.1 :( (keith@rucus)
* Fixed the way we recreate config files (noticed by Glen Stewart)
* Made the script check return values of system calls properly
* Fixed some of the taint checking stuff ... reports less in the logs now.
Version 1.0.3 - 03/10/98
* Fixed the alias-alias-alias-list bug in inlocal (bryan@rucus)
* Added a bit of online help
* Fixed the & in list owner (bryan@rucus)
* Added multi-level access to lists (based on idea by Glen Stewart)
Version 2.0 - 01/01/00
* Rewrote most of the code to take advantage of Mail::Ezmlm
* Made the webuser file more functional (users can alter it)
* Now handles all current, and future command line options
* Changed the colours :)
* Added support for ezmlm-cgi web archives
* Made it -w and use strict clean
* Moved all user config to a separate file
* Fixed the way we worked out list config - now complete
* Allowed a user specific config over-ride ``ezmlmwebrc''
* Allowed the printing of `nice' usernames (for Rhodes CS Dept)
* Took account of non-standard paths for moderators
* Removed all system() and `` calls from ezmlm-web.cgi
* Made `look and feel' virtually all user configurable
* Added a lot more context sensitive help
* Made ezmlm-web 99% language configurable - but no other templates yet :(
* Added support for creating databases
Version 2.1 - 25/09/00
* Fixed the multiple delete thing - finally!
* Fixed the '-' in username problem - The '-' in hostnames problem is fixed
in the new version of Mail::Ezmlm
* Fixed the '_' in list names problem
* Added support for file uploads of email addresses (multiple subscribe)
* Made error handling more friendly
Version 2.2 - 26/01/02005 (not officially released)
* German translation of the web interface - more translations can be added easily
* changed "ALT"-tags to "TITLE" - most browsers will display the tooltip texts now
* fixed security problems (permissions were not thoroughly checked)
* user-based permission for creating lists (can be set in webusersrc)
* the location of the webusers file is now an option in ezmlmwebrc
Version 2.3 - 21/06/02005
* css styles are used instead of tables
* permission check for upload of files fixed
* removed some taint errors
* file upload typo fixed
* update of webusers file fixed
* moderator unsubscribe fixed