338 Commits (f6295a4b2de23c3e066e6b7fbbee9818127c40e0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars 8153ebd010 finishing moves 17 years ago
lars 4142e11913 moving around 17 years ago
lars e73d969053 moving the cryptobox tree back to its place :) 17 years ago
lars 7af10afd32 splitting package and live-cd 17 years ago
lars b5c0ac2188 debain package files added 17 years ago
lars e878284816 debian packaging script is now marked as executable 17 years ago
lars ea8dc17a17 bugfixes all over 18 years ago
lars 0d9534c8aa fixed a couple of bugs 18 years ago
lars e616b2d316 seperated actions that need root privilege
changed default mount point to /var/lib/cryptobox/mnt
18 years ago
lars 8b6da7fc24 README.Debian updated 18 years ago
lars 3a73092a73 renamed cryptobox-data to cryptobox-misc (images and css) 18 years ago
lars 253794d46a directory structure debianized
URL of stylesheet is now a configurable setting
18 years ago
lars c0e10ca13a imporved some perl code structures
removed cgi-symlink (part I of directory layout change)
debian packaging improved
18 years ago
lars def6578c9e packaging cleaned up 18 years ago
lars 4b83d48429 cryptobox package removed - it will be created before dfsbuild
devel-script moved to the live-cd
18 years ago
lars da3774d537 warning for unusable cdebootstrap version added
chroot procedure simplified
cryptobox and perl-clearsilver package added to dfsbuild config
init.d-script moved closer to "debian" style
uninitialized config partition does not cause error in boot script anymore
/etc/default/cryptobox completed
initialization of network, stunnel and iptables now depends on /etc/default settings
removed hard-coded dependencies on samba and thttpd
18 years ago
lars 8d19f7a1b5 Clearsilver package seperated 18 years ago
lars 89d1ddb8fa some packaging improvements 18 years ago
lars 59098ce7cb perl-clearsilver debian package
cryptobox debian package
directories restructured
18 years ago
lars 318f952092 some packaging fixes 18 years ago
lars 253fb1f06a debian package setup is more compliant than before 18 years ago
lars f9142cd386 the configuration directory may now be static (not mounted/mountable) 18 years ago
lars 24c0572cfe debian compliant init scripts 18 years ago
lars 84f056169b debianisation finished 18 years ago
lars f9fe6f002e restructuring for debian package 18 years ago
phear ee17a3fc1f Added a tag to the footer.cs to expose a developer version on the web frontend. 18 years ago
phear 55cc5762be set 3 browse values to default, because my local samba server gets listed with default values, and the cryptobox not. This hopefully fixes trac ticket #45. 18 years ago
age 851f08a4f7 generate md5 & sha1 sum in a release 18 years ago
age c4ca827b43 another red ant logo 18 years ago
lars 6a9118c163 merged the luks branch with the main branch (r326-329) 18 years ago
lars c27f93aa94 prepare to merge luks and trunk 18 years ago
age 86c8235b13 /dev/hdd is in /dev/hd[e|f] are out 18 years ago
lars 71f7fba112 first validation test case renamed 18 years ago
lars e2cef6c3dc first validation request now resets the box
change action "box_purge" to "do_purge"
18 years ago
lars d4dbcba4f3 use preferred browser language if the box is not initialized yet
improved error handling of cgi
18 years ago
lars 2d0dd97a31 fix tabindex settings for form focus 18 years ago
lars 448243f92b renamed templates from '..._form.cs' to 'form_....cs'
renamed 'status.cs' to 'show_status.cs'
renamed 'doc.cs' to 'show_doc.cs'
18 years ago
age dc0ba8844a logo displays now mount status 18 years ago
age 7be472a432 mentioned the init bugfix 18 years ago
age 28cc0be47f added box-purge functionnality 18 years ago
age 7ac7e0bdb6 introduced box-purge 18 years ago
age c3830accd8 changed a filename 18 years ago
age 68c57e99d0 add log_msg for cipher & hash 18 years ago
lars 6499f84ae2 semikolon added
error handling of get_harddisk changed
18 years ago
age 782810135e *built new kernel
*new "get_available_disks" feature
*some backports in 0.2.1
18 years ago
age d88b3c2796 * scan-device list enhanced
* minor changes in cb-boot services
* cbox-manage interrupts without a harddisk
18 years ago
lars 086911e1b8 cgi: skip the harddisk check for some actions (doc, log, shutdown) 18 years ago
age 87af15a2f3 project link updated 18 years ago
age 07864d0039 iso burning decision 18 years ago
lars bef3095b6e CHANGELOG added 18 years ago