338 Commits (f6295a4b2de23c3e066e6b7fbbee9818127c40e0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
age f6295a4b2d .pot aren't needed 17 years ago
age 55aeea782f just links 17 years ago
age aa45163112 much easier 17 years ago
lars f4fafae946 finished unittests for plugin volume_automount 17 years ago
age fd3caa0fd5 handle po files for pootle 17 years ago
lars 7fabf7a264 typo-bugfix 17 years ago
lars f5be96ec9c updated translation 17 years ago
lars 2ee30de3b7 removed check for uid!=0
removed obsolete [Locations][LangDir] setting
17 years ago
lars 76e5366619 finished unittests for plugin date
finished unittests for plugin disks
finished unittests for plugin help
finished unittests for plugin language_selection
finished unittests for plugin logs
finished unittests for plugin network
finished unittests for plugin plugin_manager
finished unittests for plugin shutdown
finished unittests for plugin system_preferences
finished unittests for plugin user_manager
added english 'translations' to all plugins (by copying msgid to msgstr)
17 years ago
lars 8dea8e0b0e partly translated some stuff (testing the pootle interface) 17 years ago
lars 210c27a495 gettext interface cleaned up
error handling improved
17 years ago
lars d1c4835d8e changed to multiple languages
renamed HookDir to EventDir (it was forgotten before)
17 years ago
lars 96cfbbdf14 improved error handling of the server start script 17 years ago
lars c22a7c5210 increase usability of error log output 17 years ago
lars 7253e4b9e2 esperanto removed from update script 17 years ago
lars 53342a75c9 esperanto language files removed 17 years ago
lars c9f8aea976 search for existing translations if the chosen language is not documented 17 years ago
lars ec73772334 added filtering to "logs" plugin - helpful for user reports and for unittests 17 years ago
lars 8cc788ec8f adapted packaging to new translation system 17 years ago
lars 557d3e8f8c implemented gettext instead of old hdf style 17 years ago
lars 27b61640bc replaced old hdf language checker with new script for updating english po files 17 years ago
lars edeba13812 ease local testing (again) 17 years ago
lars 0ccd3f1a41 compile language files for the debian package 17 years ago
lars f514c53bfd changed translation system of plugins to gettext 17 years ago
lars edb054e585 translation files for the main interface 17 years ago
lars 1438913656 renamed python package to cryptobox-server
unittests are working again
http-error handling implemented
17 years ago
lars 4bb5c9513b added manpages for CryptoBoxRootActions and CryptoBoxWebserver
improved packaging (setup.py)
changelog updated
17 years ago
lars 34c2f26b52 debian packaging finished 17 years ago
lars 3490be26ef mark created mountpoints to remove them safely afterwards 17 years ago
lars 8511ff9845 event script directory check implemented
fix logging in CryptoBoxWebserver (introducing another problem)
17 years ago
lars 1fa160250b event script directories have to be marked by an existing file now - this should prevent abuse 17 years ago
lars 1069b6267a removed obsolete format_fs.py script
minor fixes
17 years ago
lars 7741c87fb8 moved some more stuff around 17 years ago
lars 112979b3af added setup.py to use distutils for packaging
moved python modules to separate packages below src/
renamed "hook" to "event" to avoid confusion
17 years ago
lars a66e5d3512 packaging improved
simplified use of uml-start script
17 years ago
lars 855bf4742c commented vector templates 17 years ago
lars 05fcd2d337 use gif file instead of png 17 years ago
lars 8746a53521 suppress warning if handle_messages was called twice
added link to the volume icon
moved to table based layout
17 years ago
lars f68aafc7fb removed obsolete images
cleaned up css stylesheet
increased size of background gradient
17 years ago
lars fdff598a29 moved message handling back to each plugin
adapted plugin interface specification
replaced some more transparent png files with gif
added "Get help" links to all plugins
17 years ago
lars 0ae5ccaf15 moved volume name management to CryptoBoxContainer 17 years ago
lars 34e26c95bd updated language file specification 17 years ago
lars 6ab39e3ffb added new plugin: automount 17 years ago
lars f1f1c05226 exception was renamed
minor language fixes
17 years ago
lars 23bb313594 fixed a nasty typo
adapted to new volume name management
17 years ago
lars 7e5980a573 added exclusion file for packaging 17 years ago
lars c12057d4c4 volume name changed allowed even if it is active
load _all_ plugin language data -> simplifies code
17 years ago
lars 46e10ee6d4 removed obsolete 'show_volume.cs'
improved marking of active plugin icons
17 years ago
lars 7f93a15ea4 minor language fix 17 years ago
lars 405f6b90fa improved detection of 'active' plugin for marking in the main menu
plugin plugin_manager: prevent browser from caching repeatitive actions
plugin plugin_manager: add support for properties/volume visibility
plugins: moved message handling to central header file (templates/header.cs)
splitted 'volume_props' into 'volume_rename' and 'volume_chpasswd'
volume_props: turned into a container for small property changes
renamed 'format_fs' to 'volume_format_fs'
moved inclusion of 'show_volume_[header|footer].cs' to central header file
17 years ago