264 Commits (adab9731c53dd4dc942ca2cb79c4e10098034f6f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars adab9731c5 unittest for plugin_manager fixed 17 years ago
lars 516a3c7d8e some exceptions were renamed
help-plugin and "Get help" now use different icons
17 years ago
lars 99bdefa7da two new icons used for the plugin_manager 17 years ago
lars 5b9d3f1cd0 changed margin around title of messages
added "question mark" icon for future "Get help" links
17 years ago
lars 0db04d7f8c fixed: order of file comparison was reversed 17 years ago
lars 6a7b740e07 cleaned up all languages
updated language-specification file
some minor changes of the README
17 years ago
lars 97ebd4c92e added: volume_mount - warning message for mounting of invalid filesystem types
improved: plugin_manager - usable for the different plugin types now
17 years ago
lars 414389951e moved pythonrewrite branch to trunk 17 years ago
age 214959e851 added french translation; thanks to rike 17 years ago
phear c641b49e36 typo 17 years ago
lars 0aea72533f removed some bashisms 17 years ago
lars c2a3bd5210 typo 17 years ago
lars b8e3cf4ea8 usage of dh_installinit fixed 17 years ago
lars 81adf89c56 implemented "is_plaintext" check
added lots of "html_escape" calls to clearsilver statements
17 years ago
lars 72afa14f87 fixed some debian policy violations
replaced dumpe2fs by blkid for determining the uuid of a device
17 years ago
lars 8138339ab7 (u)mounting of plaintext partitions fixed
init-script fixed (debian)
17 years ago
lars 5fb9108640 moved to a volume based web interface
initialization now uses a single volume (no partitioning)
SCAN_DEVICES now define only the allowed prefix ("hd" -> all harddisks)
check for https improved
17 years ago
lars 49a5f739a5 improved ssl-check
replaced default cipher with "aes" (just for testing)
17 years ago
lars 3da483ffec distributions specific config file introduced (for program locations)
pmount added to debian dependencies
17 years ago
lars 1bae6a759e marker added to default config
dependency on sudo removed
17 years ago
lars d0d27ea05e Makefile created
debian installer improved
binary suid wrappers added
17 years ago
lars 6579b05754 tabindex fixed 17 years ago
lars ab87b918c9 doc-export updated 17 years ago
lars 333f46993c doc update 17 years ago
lars b2ce217afe moving 17 years ago
lars 8e98fbdf83 moving ... 17 years ago
lars 8153ebd010 finishing moves 17 years ago
lars 4142e11913 moving around 17 years ago
lars e73d969053 moving the cryptobox tree back to its place :) 17 years ago
lars 7af10afd32 splitting package and live-cd 17 years ago
lars b5c0ac2188 debain package files added 17 years ago
lars e878284816 debian packaging script is now marked as executable 17 years ago
lars ea8dc17a17 bugfixes all over 18 years ago
lars 0d9534c8aa fixed a couple of bugs 18 years ago
lars e616b2d316 seperated actions that need root privilege
changed default mount point to /var/lib/cryptobox/mnt
18 years ago
lars 8b6da7fc24 README.Debian updated 18 years ago
lars 3a73092a73 renamed cryptobox-data to cryptobox-misc (images and css) 18 years ago
lars 253794d46a directory structure debianized
URL of stylesheet is now a configurable setting
18 years ago
lars c0e10ca13a imporved some perl code structures
removed cgi-symlink (part I of directory layout change)
debian packaging improved
18 years ago
lars def6578c9e packaging cleaned up 18 years ago
lars 4b83d48429 cryptobox package removed - it will be created before dfsbuild
devel-script moved to the live-cd
18 years ago
lars da3774d537 warning for unusable cdebootstrap version added
chroot procedure simplified
cryptobox and perl-clearsilver package added to dfsbuild config
init.d-script moved closer to "debian" style
uninitialized config partition does not cause error in boot script anymore
/etc/default/cryptobox completed
initialization of network, stunnel and iptables now depends on /etc/default settings
removed hard-coded dependencies on samba and thttpd
18 years ago
lars 8d19f7a1b5 Clearsilver package seperated 18 years ago
lars 89d1ddb8fa some packaging improvements 18 years ago
lars 59098ce7cb perl-clearsilver debian package
cryptobox debian package
directories restructured
18 years ago
lars 318f952092 some packaging fixes 18 years ago
lars 253fb1f06a debian package setup is more compliant than before 18 years ago
lars f9142cd386 the configuration directory may now be static (not mounted/mountable) 18 years ago
lars 24c0572cfe debian compliant init scripts 18 years ago
lars 84f056169b debianisation finished 18 years ago