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lars 9e97758a6f Korrigiere absolute Links von cryptonas.org auf cryptonas.senselab.org 4 years ago
frisco 4198fe614b Added "Powered By Codesion" logo to main CryptoNAS website 12 years ago
htgoebel e910073dc5 "Looking a a new maintainer" instead of end node. 12 years ago
age d21d03866e end note 12 years ago
frisco b2b2db9b10 Website updates for v0.3.5; removed references to codecoop. 12 years ago
frisco 545f7c02cc Added torrent files for CryptoNAS 0.3.5 Live 13 years ago
frisco ece22c355f Added news item for CryptoNAS Live v0.3.5. Will monitor cryptonas.org website to determine if there is a cron job updating 13 years ago
phear a673697f47 botched it yesterday - second try... 14 years ago
phear 19d13cc910 inserted tag for google webmaster tools (does not affect user privacy) 14 years ago
age 7b9e489859 * templatewriter can't handle %20 as whitespace 15 years ago
age d7524ef057 *notes for next release 15 years ago
age 82d136c636 * translation link updated 15 years ago
age 755091e397 * added CC GPL button 15 years ago
phear 4f4f631e70 added social bookmarking button 15 years ago
age 1409c0d4b5 * hint from m :) 15 years ago
age 7371627c1e * better description what CryptoNAS is 15 years ago
age f77f39ad8d * new CryptoNAS logo in header 15 years ago
age 1568930192 * domain moved to cryptonas.org 15 years ago
age 7e90f9370f * initiated name change 15 years ago
age b902bfcc06 codecoop is back online 15 years ago
phear ae705a3eef adding poll closing date 15 years ago
phear 6fb1bdc326 fixed language in downtime warning in header 15 years ago
age 96f5f2c11c typo and realease comment 15 years ago
age b036435ca9 added poll 15 years ago
age d813e630ac actual downtime message 15 years ago
age 2c4f1a161f fixed some small typofixed some small typos 15 years ago
lars 6f764477b7 codecoop downtime 15 years ago
phil ec79e04047 fixed this typo finally 15 years ago
phear 9c96e43d1d just a small typo 15 years ago
age 72fbe2c503 download is down message 15 years ago
lars b178a455dc publish new release on the website 15 years ago
lars 2a309388e6 remove link to (unavailable) demo 15 years ago
age bb92c66d65 * call for new name 15 years ago
lars 067c3f6434 translation center up again 16 years ago
age 3ed7d1bea3 * pootle status announced 16 years ago
phear cbd5aff326 placed the ohloh.net button in the footer of the website. Not really sure about the position, but I could not think of a better one. 16 years ago
age 45d279ecc1 new news & spelling 16 years ago
age 5d6b7ae2d8 docs for source installation 16 years ago
lars 3c080bcde8 typo fixed 16 years ago
age 171e82f381 website updates 16 years ago
age 33b6464c79 optimized header image 16 years ago
age 8e479efe24 dragon news and thanks 16 years ago
age a8ec3f4431 new dragon header on the website 16 years ago
lars 251c86a026 disabled rss content for now - the output seems to contain some invalid characters 16 years ago
age f80560e41a * updated release numbers on website 16 years ago
age 7a6be19e50 * website update 16 years ago
lars 41fa475664 update website for live-CD v0.3.1 16 years ago
age 8b2b8300e3 translation registration note 16 years ago
lars afbbdf58c6 fixed website content 16 years ago
lars 1c30cd55be added some acknowledgements 16 years ago