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<h2>End of CryptoNAS project</h2>
<p class="date">05/05/02011</p>
<p>We don't find proper time for this still useful and often downloaded project. The last changes were long ago and the whole system would need some major upgrades to run on current Debian systems.</p>
<p>So we decided to officially stop support and development. It was an excellent learning project for all of us. But even the best project has an end.</p>
<p>We will keep the website, download, documentation, bugtracker etc. up'n running. For all the people still using CryptoNAS. Maybe there comes a time when someone wants to restart it or begin something similar.</p>
<p>Thanks for the using CryptoNAS, for all the help and trust in us!<br />The CryptoNAS-Team</p>
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<h2>NEWS: CryptoNAS Live 0.3.5 released</h2>
<p class="date">10/07/02010</p>