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lars 8a0fb060e2 merged some changes of the new release v0.3.4.4 into trunk
clarified the release policy
partly reverted r959
2007-05-25 08:26:38 +00:00
lars 0fcd1175e5 announced release v0.3.4.3
updated changelogs
2007-04-01 16:41:01 +00:00
lars c1dd001f45 updated changelogs 2007-02-19 02:33:21 +00:00
lars 1de2ebe176 make blkid more verbose
fix permission problem during bootup (Closes: #139)
add support for partitioning of blockdevices ending in a digit (e.g. raid (md) devices)
added fieldset to partition plugin
2007-02-19 01:22:31 +00:00
lars 1bce8e6b4d moved "adduser" from "Depends" to "Pre-Depends"
updated changelog
increased version number to 0.3.3
CryptoBoxRootActions: allow mount points to be non-writeable if they are owned by the cryptobox user
2007-02-08 02:24:11 +00:00
lars 0c129de015 added "is_writeable" method to cryptobox.core.container
changed the log level of some messages
added early "not writeable" warnings to "volume_format_fs" and "partition" plugins
disable "encrypted_webinterface" by default (for cryptobox-server)
2007-01-26 21:53:24 +00:00
lars 73df006390 prevent potential recusion in plugin 'volume_props'
fixed serving of fallback icon for plugins
2007-01-17 22:15:35 +00:00
lars e38d566088 create log directory during startup if it does not exist (debian)
skip creation of settings file if the location is not writeable during startup
add basic support for profiling
fixed is_device_allowed problem (was to strict)
2007-01-06 11:40:38 +00:00
lars 449116f648 'shutdown' removed from preferences (still available in the main menu)
minor language changes for 'partition' plugin
minor design change
2006-12-19 17:30:50 +00:00
lars 9ec9475015 better permission handling of startup script
minor bugfixes
update of CryptoBoxWebserver manpage
2006-12-19 14:02:30 +00:00
lars 794998f950 broken interface fixed in 'partition' plugin for ie
rendering bug of volume_properties fixed for ie
fixed screen width in a mozilla/ie compatible way
added german translation: 'log', 'network', 'volume_automount' and 'volume_details'
fixed config management of 'plugin_manager' plugin
fixed filtering of log level messages for 'logs' plugin
updated documentation for ssl configurations
changed default installation destinations in
added nice background images to environment and help messages
replaced message 'div' with 'fieldset'
moved stylesheet data of plugins to html header (as required by spec)
removed obsolete css definitions
removed obsolete old perl/bash code
improved 'update_po_files': remove obsolete msgids
functionality of '' moved to 'update_po_files'
omit 'weblang' link attribute if it does not change the default setting
changed default language from 'de' to 'en'
fixed template bug that prevented the translation of plugin links
fixed invalid html
implement filecheck overriding for unittests
2006-12-18 13:37:08 +00:00
lars 94dd631fa9 last preparations for v0.3 release 2006-12-15 13:47:19 +00:00
lars 4d61bfbe77 improved some minor layout stuff 2006-12-14 01:34:07 +00:00
lars 87af175764 fixed some ssl detection stuff
disabled 'help' plugin for now
enabled some ownership checks in CryptoBoxRootActions
documentation updates for proxy and ssl configurations
2006-12-14 00:23:10 +00:00
lars 3e1bfda98e added some exception catching for writing setting files
added help texts for all plugins
fixed 'encryption status' bug in 'volume_details'
improved rendering of 'volume_properties' and 'user_manager'
chmod root directory of mounted volumes to 0777 to avoid later permission problems for samba or WebDAV
2006-12-13 10:01:58 +00:00
age 4cf7681da5 samba stuff 2006-12-12 19:42:19 +00:00
lars 108acd0e8a 'log' plugin: show warning if no log file is used
moved log file reading from cryptobox/core/main to 'log' plugin
added unittests for volume_mount, volume_format_fs and volume_rename
replace "get help" links with a "help mode" displaying information for every form
added first drafts of help texts for volume_mount, volume_format and partition
replaced the word 'container' with 'volume' in english texts
2006-12-12 13:34:05 +00:00
lars 77324ae946 added minor parts of slovene translation
fixed samba integration script
added syslog support
replaced 'pattern' with 'level' for 'logs' plugin
improved fetch_po_files script
improved output of log plugin
recursively storing setting files fixed
umask set to 022
defining bootup and shutdown handler for the server
implementing volume_automount mounting
simplified the output preperation of the partition plugin
"busy" flag handling moved from core/container to core/main
2006-12-11 14:16:10 +00:00
lars 3500b67a40 constant width of the main screen (works for mozilla/ff and ie55/60
refresh link for logs feature
change default setting of UseConfigPartition to "0"
README file rewritten
README.samba added
README.davfs added
README.Debian rewritten
event scripts for samba and apach2_dav improved
do not redirect to "disks overview" after successful plugin execution (e.g. date, ...)
unclean web dataset fixed
removed some non-translateable strings from po and pot files
automatically update the cryptobox version according to the debian package version number
2006-12-07 12:20:43 +00:00
lars f6ddb82f4c fixed wrong redirection after reboot (causing reboot loop)
clarified interpretation of blkid output
added missing success message to volume_format_fs
execute formatting in the background
mark busy devices as such
fixed a small bug in CryptoBoxRootActions
2006-12-06 16:25:52 +00:00
lars 61cafd0fc4 added a policy for creating and uploading a debian package
check debian changelog version before creating a debian package
2006-12-05 19:48:15 +00:00
age 0266e22e47 minor checks 2006-12-05 16:21:29 +00:00
lars 7fabf7a264 typo-bugfix 2006-11-30 20:55:31 +00:00
lars b5c0ac2188 debain package files added 2006-05-10 19:53:05 +00:00