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check debian changelog version before creating a debian package
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cryptobox (0.3.0) unstable; urgency=low
cryptobox (0.2.51-1) unstable; urgency=low
* fixed a typo
* favicon included
* first pre-official test release
-- Lars Kruse <> Thu, 30 Nov 2006 21:51:24 +0100
-- Lars Kruse <> Thu, 05 December 2006 19:51:24 +0100
cryptobox (0.2.99-1) unstable; urgency=low
cryptobox (0.2.50-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Initial release
-- Lars Kruse <> Wed, 30 November 2006 20:26:47 +0100

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1) update the debian changelog
Run "debchange -i" to create a new changelog entry. Leave some useful notes.
BEWARE: all development releases must have the debian release no. "1" (the last
part of the version following the dash) - e.g.: 0.2.50-1.
You MUST increase the upstream version (before the dash) by one whenever you
want to upload a new debian package to the repository - otherwise you will
inevitably mess up the package repository - and you know, who will have to
figure out, how to fix this :)
2) create the package
Change to the trunk directory of the project and run the followin:
(do not forget the final dot)
The UPSTREAM_VERSION is the one, that you were using for the new debian
changelog entry. Again: _never_ upload two different debian packages with the
same upstream version number or you will go to hell!
The package files will get copied to ../tags/packages/debian/.
3) upload the package
You should use dupload - it is the preferred uploading program for debian
apt-get install dupload
See for more details.
Create the following configuration file as ~/.dupload.conf:
package config;
$preupload{'changes'} = "";
$default_host = "sao";
$cfg{"sao"} = {
fqdn => "sao",
login => "uml-www",
method => "scpb",
incoming => "/data/deb-repo/incoming/unstable",
dinstall_runs => 1,
Furthermore you need the following entry in your ~/.ssh/config:
Host sao
Port 2200
(otherwise it is impossible to change the ssh port in dupload)
To upload the latest debian package you could do the following:
dupload $(ls -tr ../tags/packages/debian/*.changes | tail -1)
(this will only use the latest changes-file)
4) import the package into the repository
It would be nice, if the web interface would work - but it does not.
Please wait for etch - then we will update reprepro.
For now you have to login to the www-uml:
ssh uml-www@sao
Switch to the deb-repo user:
su - deb-repo
Import all incoming packages:
You did it!