51 Commits (4930d1d3fe4df59e16fb364e4ed35c9a74699e64)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars 4930d1d3fe check_smb_idle.sh integrated 18 years ago
lars e5a36943ce fixed runlevel of cbox-init-scripts
minor improvements of german interface
at-call of 'box-init-bg' fixed
delay of network reconfiguration reduced to 5 seconds
18 years ago
lars 98e4b4e4b7 background part of initialization is always done via 'at'
improved test for 'is_init_running'
change IP address after reconfiguration and redirect to new URL
display a warning after reconfiguration of IP address
log warning, if config partition could not be unmounted
actions 'reboot' and 'poweroff' are now handled by 'cbox-manage.sh'
18 years ago
lars 42181f47b0 allow validation of a remote CryptoBox through a redirecting router 18 years ago
lars 5cf24ebede changed some setting names (CHROOTSTART and BUILDDIR)
removed the "revert" feature (too complicated and rarely used)
moved some settings to etc-defaults.d/cbox-dev.conf to allow local changes
18 years ago
age 6de670828e mist keine a was ich geaendert hab 18 years ago
lars 645445d95c userdoc pages added
links in online documentation fixed
remove some service links (rc scripts) during "config" (cb-build.sh)
18 years ago
age e156f699d1 release was mentioned twice 18 years ago
lars c54e5975a6 temporary directory /etc/hotplug "fixed"
reboot and shutdown via "at"
remove some packages for development systems
set default runlevel to 3
export some environment settings (LANG and TERM) for "chroot"
is_init_running migrated to "at"
18 years ago
lars f49d0d7cf5 userdocexport improved
manual pages updated
18 years ago
lars 5543ff8041 comment for import_authorized_keys 18 years ago
lars c04ef0cc69 restructuring done 18 years ago
lars 6cfc58e36e restructuring III 18 years ago
lars 6038faf4f6 restructuring to be continued ... 18 years ago
lars a11bb23399 'misc' renamed to 'defaults.conf.d' 18 years ago
lars 6fec846638 define TERM setting
comments for development actions added to cbox.sh
source local configure scripts
examples for local configure scripts added:
  - set_root_pw
  - import_authorized_keys
18 years ago
lars e3f4cb49e3 more verbose upload/diff/merge
language preselection in config_form fixed
tabindex in init_form fixed
obsolte developer's links removed from nav.cs
18 years ago
lars 85c00b3e8f svn:executable-property set for firewall.sh (fixes error regarding stunnel) 18 years ago
lars c113498be8 navigation bar fixed in case of redirection
"report" is ignored inside of "validation" (property svn:ignore)
18 years ago
age 613102d1ec +new kernel here too 18 years ago
age d5ef1ce7fc +new kernel 18 years ago
phear 8001553ea0 small css changes. changed the green tone and made the warning/error boxes less aggressive. 18 years ago
lars fda9e3f445 moved validation from cbox to the host
logging greatly improved
background problem of initialization solved
umount_crypto cleaned
automatic style importing for validation
18 years ago
lars 562048a0ed added notes for uml booting 18 years ago
lars 6567e82970 diff & merge fixed (dirty hack to treat symlinks right)
"elinks" is purged by "harden"
18 years ago
lars 831849b93f validation fixed
"cryptsetup remove" fixed
18 years ago
lars 546ce6e73c now qemu and ssh use local configurations 18 years ago
lars e1dd6180a2 input validation for configuration web interface 18 years ago
lars 9076334829 error message if no harddisk was found
german: replaced "du" with "sie"
18 years ago
lars 98dc7f564e shutdown/reboot added to web interface 18 years ago
lars b399722dca use the existence of $DEV_FEATURES_SCRIPT" instead of "$DEVELOPMENT_MARKER" - fits better for "harden" 18 years ago
lars 7aaba8761c "harden" action for cb-build.sh 18 years ago
lars 00066a317b validation improved
error and warning macros fixed
18 years ago
lars bf29c216f5 style for error and success messages added
success messages added
18 years ago
lars d31ca1a1bd style: background image fixed (not scrolled)
evil_tux logo added
failure check for mount_do fixed
config_form fixed
create_summary of validation fixed
ignore generated reports for remote "diff"
cryptsetup-create fixed
18 years ago
lars f4b4427b4a basic multi-language interface added 18 years ago
lars d8e59dfd90 stylesheet changed
forms changed
18 years ago
phear 91b517050a Beautification. Added code for forms and submit buttons and updated the warning class. 18 years ago
lars 2e8acce842 404-page improved
name of the template included in html source code as comment
validation results: non-empty diff files will not be removed
test case for 404 fixed
18 years ago
lars c621a89f3f redirect to https if http was used
chroot environment improved
make_stunnel_cert fixed (typo)
"config" action now preserves links
18 years ago
lars d5b4c1a6f1 step two - links fixed 18 years ago
lars 552d026608 step one 18 years ago
lars 6c6d823eeb rc-scripts finished 18 years ago
lars 20a2c95692 locations of scripts fixed 18 years ago
lars da7ae38887 rc-scripts structured 18 years ago
lars b5bb85424e changed references to scripts 18 years ago
lars 740085e271 scripts moved to usr/lib/cryptobox 18 years ago
lars 8fc76e04a5 new test cases for invalid URLs
new error-404-page
18 years ago
lars 495bee4918 change url 18 years ago
lars 92e4db7063 I forgot the most important file :) 18 years ago