frisco ec818dbbc3 Created new branch for Debian Live live-cd build system development. This
commit includes the default configuration files, which don't work with Debian 
2008-06-09 00:10:03 +00:00

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# import a public rsa key into the cryptobox for ssh authentication
# see README in configure-examples.d for details
# create a rsa key if it does not yet exist
if [ ! -e "$SSH_KEY_FILE" ]
then echo "Creating ssh key ($SSH_KEY_FILE) ..."
mkdir -p $(dirname "$SSH_KEY_FILE")
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 1024 -N '' -q -f "$SSH_KEY_FILE"
# copy new public ssh key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on cryptobox
echo "Copying local public ssh key file to the box ..."
mkdir -p "$IMAGE_DIR/opt/dfsbuild/runtimerd/root/.ssh"
cp "${SSH_KEY_FILE}.pub" "$IMAGE_DIR/opt/dfsbuild/runtimerd/root/.ssh/authorized_keys"