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commit includes the default configuration files, which don't work with Debian 
2008-06-09 00:10:03 +00:00

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1) Overview
the files in this directory are examples for specific hook scripts to change the
configuration of the box
2) How to use these scripts
Copy the scripts, you would like to use into 'configure-local.d'.
They will be sourced in alphabetic order AFTER the default configuration of the
3) The examples
- replace the empty root password (the default) with a choosen password
- useful if your development cryptobox:
- is located in an insecure environment
- or your development team is geographically distributed, so the
cryptobox for testing has to be publicly available
- create a new rsa key (etc-local.d/id_rsa) and copy the public
key to the image directory
- this is useful, if you secured the development cryptobox with a
password (see 'set_root_pw')
- change the default hostname ("cryptobox")
- change the default selection of devices, that can be used as the crypto harddisk