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This is an EXPERIMENTAL version of CryptoNAS for Debian Live!
Read before
you do anything else.
It is recommended that you run "./" after making configuration
changes using an editor but before starting a new build.
For the convenience of other developers, the debian-patched
live-helper scripts being used are located in
the "tools" folder. The version of live-helper distributed
with Ubuntu "Gutsy Gibbon" does NOT work for CryptoNAS.
You should add the following line to apt-cacher's source list
(for example, /etc/apt/sources.list) and run "aptitude update":
deb unstable main
The only files and folders relevant to this version are:
I'm keeping the folders from the legacy CryptoNAS build system around
until I'm sure we don't need them. Don't be confused by their continued
presence in the "deb-live" SVN branch.
config/chroot_local-includes/usr/lib/cryptobox-cd/etc.d/modules and
will now be used at boot time if they exist.
Source Code Info
The $LH_SOURCE feature of "live-helper" is not currently working with
CryptoNAS. Instead, for source code, do:
"svn checkout"
The other source code used for CryptoNAS Live is located in the "Etch"
Debian release. A list of mirror sites (created using
"wget --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=1 --convert-links --page-requisites") is included in the
CryptoNAS subversion repository in the "deb-live/Debian-Mirrors" folder.
A current list of mirrors is also located at
check against validation scripts
check that "secure" build works
set up a firewall in the "secure" build
/etc/modules (make sure desired modules load at startup)
complete "cryptonas" name change
possibly move /usr/lib/cryptobox-cd to /usr/share/cryptonas-cd
get apt-secure working
enable apache2 DAV
integrate with cryptobox-server 4.0
for release version, try to isolate which parts of debian "standard" packages
are really needed to avoid errors and which are extraneous
custom splash screen for syslinux
stream music
check filesystems periodically
make drive identification more user-friendly (not just "/dev/foo")
"install to hard disk or similar device" function (not high priority)
get COW working
Short term goals:
add explanatory text to etc-scoreboard file
do any more files need copyright notices?
set up reasonable defaults in cnas-default-settings (use gedit with multiple separate windows)
Known Issues:
Debian Live boot media shown in list of available disks
Mounted encrypted volumes shown twice in list of available disks (may have been fixed already)
*syslinux splash screen needs customization
*"secure"/minimal setup needs to be built and tested
*needs to be built using a *.deb based on SVN "head" to make sure that glaring English-language
issues were fixed since live-cd 3.1
*When NOT using a user-supplied /etc/network/interfaces (haven't tried it *with* user-supplied
"interfaces") and the user chooses a new IP address via the web interface, the old DHCP-assigned
address is still accessible
*Reading an encrypted live-cd image doesn't work using Etch as the build system
*LH_APT_SECURE must be set to "enabled" in Etch or else cdebootstrap fails
LH_SOURCE="enabled" doesn't work yet