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This is the version of CryptoNAS for Debian Live!
Read before
you do anything else.
It is recommended that you run "./" after making configuration
changes using an editor but before starting a new build.
For the convenience of other developers, the debian-patched
live-helper scripts being used are located in
the "tools" folder. The version of live-helper distributed
with Ubuntu "Gutsy Gibbon" does NOT work for CryptoNAS.
You may want to add the following line to apt-cacher's source list
(for example, /etc/apt/sources.list) and run "aptitude update":
deb unstable main
config/chroot_local-includes/usr/lib/cryptobox-cd/etc.d/modules and
will now be used at boot time if they exist. The developer can specify
alternative files using the $CNAS_KMODULES and $CNAS_INTERFACES
Source Code Info
The $LH_SOURCE feature of "live-helper" is not currently working with
CryptoNAS. Instead, for source code, do:
"svn checkout"
The other source code used for CryptoNAS Live is located in the "Etch"
Debian release. A list of mirror sites (created using
"wget --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=1 --convert-links --page-requisites") is included in the
CryptoNAS subversion repository in the "deb-live/Debian-Mirrors" folder.
A current list of mirrors is also located at