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frisco 13e8c341a1 Daemons now start up correctly on their own.
Volumes can now be mounted, unmounted, and accessed using CIFS, including encrypted volumes.
Streamlined build customization capability, including addition of "scoreboard" file.
Added live-helper scripts to the repository.
2008-07-04 05:33:24 +00:00
frisco 652c10720d Changes required to build CryptoNAS with Debian Live on my system, Debian 4.0r3.
This should be "good enough to play with", but see

*The build works
*The image should boot OK
*Haven't begun work on the validation scripts or hardening
*The image currently uses a DHCP-assigned address
*If you have a good idea of the best way to add separation of local/default settings the way we were doing with etc-defaults.d, etc-local.d, and so on, send me an email so we can discuss it.
2008-06-10 02:36:38 +00:00
frisco ec818dbbc3 Created new branch for Debian Live live-cd build system development. This
commit includes the default configuration files, which don't work with Debian 
2008-06-09 00:10:03 +00:00