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Hints for building and integrating a new kernel into the cryptobox:
1) get the source
download it from (at least 2.6.11)
2) configure
- copy the current kernel config from the cryptobox/trunk/kernel
directory to the kernel source directory as ".config" (the .config
can also be found in the current kernel-image-cryptoboxX.Y.deb packagefile)
- make menuconfig
- make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot --revision=cryptoboxY.X kernel_image
(replace "Y.X" by the current cryptobox release)
3) integrating
- copy the debian kernel package (see above) and the config file to cryptobox/trunk/kernel
- change the "unpackdebs" setting in cryptobox/trunk/etc-default.d/dfs-cbox.conf
- add the new kernel package and the config file to the repository (svn add)
4) afterwork
- run "cryptobox/trunk/scripts/ dfsbuild" to create a fresh base system
including the new kernel
- test the box with your new kernel
- enjoy it! :)