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lars c95ba55f25 stylesheet files added to 'partition' and 'log' plugin 2006-09-26 08:38:45 +00:00
lars 90efd72b8b removed setting "DocLanguage" (replaced by general "Language")
plugins are now classes inherited from CryptoBoxPlugin
language detection added (via request header "Accept-Language")
2006-09-25 12:22:41 +00:00
lars 56e954d1c4 plugin interface changed: now we use classes (inherited by CryptoBoxPlugin) instead of plain scripts
added some log entries
use threading module instead of "fork" for background formatting
redirection for "network" plugin fixed
empty return value of plugins defaults to plugin overview page
2006-09-25 12:21:39 +00:00
lars 52ccaeb530 replaced the old bash script for translation checks by a better (and longer) python script 2006-09-25 12:20:02 +00:00
lars e238cbd17e "Data.TemplateFile" changed to "Settings.TemplateFile"
redirection header fixed
"Settings.DocLang" replaced by "Settings.Language"
"Lang.Plugins" moved to "Settings.PluginList"
2006-09-25 12:19:12 +00:00
lars b061bb4793 language file specification changed: content is at top level and will get moved below "Lang" later 2006-09-25 12:18:25 +00:00
lars 2d8d4bdd2e fixed stylesheet for the "log" plugin 2006-09-25 12:17:50 +00:00
lars 3cc64e84f3 add (possible) config partition to 'partition' plugin 2006-09-20 10:40:37 +00:00
lars 1c8db28989 added gray disc icon for unitialized volumes
simple partitioning interface finished
order in navigation bar changed
ignore extended partitions (in container list)
2006-09-18 10:16:05 +00:00
age 665d18bdbd 2006-09-14 18:21:55 +00:00
lars 35737da625 test fixed 2006-09-14 15:55:55 +00:00
lars de3280806f language namespace for plugins separated
plugin interface changed ("prepareForm" removed)
plugins do not raise exceptions anymore
first part of the partitioning plugin
device-specific stuff moved to CryptoBoxTools
2006-09-14 12:33:01 +00:00
age f2a7ceb61c favicon 2006-09-14 08:35:53 +00:00
lars f99e155b8c python directory renamed to former perl directory
comment on RFC
2006-09-13 11:10:38 +00:00
lars e80b8874ff implemented root actions for plugins
finished network and date plugins
renamed old 'bin' direcory
2006-09-13 10:38:05 +00:00
age 2b4180a83b * restored 2006-09-13 09:32:54 +00:00
lars dba8ca79fd plugin interface implemented
example plugins added: date and network
moved "logs" to plugins
2006-09-12 08:55:20 +00:00
age 5af79f90b6 twill unittests are finally working 2006-09-09 16:18:50 +00:00
lars 88fc900cc5 moved configuration handling to CryptoBoxSettings
added configuration validation
updated unittests.CryptoBox for new configuration validation
2006-09-08 11:02:27 +00:00
lars 0aa1f9f74b german language file updated
WebInterfaceDataset replaces CryptoBoxWebserverSettings
WebInterfaceSites replaces CryptoBoxWebserverSites
input validation rewritten
clearsiler macro 'print_form_header' now expects the 'action' as a parameter
2006-09-07 11:21:56 +00:00
lars 0835144ad1 some comments and changes for the previous commit 2006-09-06 13:13:17 +00:00
age 7f9c736116 * removed hardcoded doclangs
* truly removed '?action'
* some RFC comments
2006-09-06 07:14:27 +00:00
lars 528652afcb minor language fixes
one unittest fixed
settings for webserver improved
somme RFCs and TODOs added
2006-09-05 15:03:16 +00:00
age 9ef218872a * added damn notworking twill tests 2006-09-05 00:15:43 +00:00
age fccfba66d7 * forgot to add Exceptions
* webserver conf in a file
2006-09-04 06:02:53 +00:00
age baafed8f38 improve language handling and url-parameter sanitizing 2006-09-01 23:04:17 +00:00
age f4bf1c7a34 +merged some config changes
@[l] please also check the webserver if you change the config
+moved language checkers
+changed input sanitizing
2006-08-30 19:56:37 +00:00
age f450e116a7 Lars' poland path #2 2006-08-27 08:38:48 +00:00
age 175cb831ad Lars' poland patch #1
debian rules
2006-08-27 08:33:34 +00:00
lars 3fd2064439 output of log action fixed
added some RFCs
added some unittests for CryptoBox config handling
2006-08-25 07:37:52 +00:00
age 3b97f675bf now checks url params
adapted templates
renderer checks for sources
2006-08-24 14:41:11 +00:00
age 414a6c6e60 action removed 2006-08-24 09:02:10 +00:00
lars 550d0fb5e2 "link" macro updated to new url naming scheme 2006-08-24 08:40:40 +00:00
lars 1362f79df4 german language file converted into utf-8 2006-08-24 08:37:59 +00:00
age 89e06ff669 logfile is accessable via web 2006-08-24 08:13:56 +00:00
lars 707fb71476 logging cleaned up
unified errorExit function instead of explicite sys.exit calls
add config_file argument to CryptoBoxProps
add getCapacity method to CryptoBoxContainer
removed "classes.txt"
2006-08-24 07:36:47 +00:00
age bb16749b81 forgot to commti these changes 2006-08-24 05:57:59 +00:00
age 697d5f9b0c webserver, sites and settings splitted
included some new functions from the perl file
the clearsilver templates have to be modified next
2006-08-24 00:06:19 +00:00
age 2fec1260c5 stupid exception 2006-08-23 18:19:37 +00:00
age 4f053af83a try if super is installed 2006-08-23 16:44:14 +00:00
lars 84028f4a92 added python version checks
added startup test to CryptoBox
integrate CryptoBoxRootActions into CryptoBox (see for details)
implemented "mount" and "umount" in CryptoBoxRootActions
adapted CryptoBoxRootActions checks to 'super'
2006-08-23 13:27:25 +00:00
age accbb7c515 more loglevel output 2006-08-22 08:00:32 +00:00
lars f95f33ba71 transition to "logging" instead of "CryptoBoxLogger" finished
names of cryptobox.conf settings changed
cryptsetup interface for CryptoBoxRootActions implemented
2006-08-22 06:55:07 +00:00
age 12868beb21 separated unittest 2006-08-22 04:29:53 +00:00
age 04c2719c8e CryptoBoxLogger is obsolete; removed some RFCs we discussed via jabber 2006-08-21 10:10:40 +00:00
lars 76ec1ee0ca fixed a problem in CryptoBox config reading
introduced "coding_guidelines.txt" for a consistent coding feeling :)
added CryptoBoxRootActions for future privilege separation
2006-08-21 08:09:05 +00:00
lars b951efdd9c privilege dropping replaced by a separate python script for root actions
syslog support added
moved program locations to config file
removed obsolete CryptoBoxPreferences
added some requests for comments (RFC)
2006-08-21 07:41:03 +00:00
age 975b2bb14a prefs is inheretable 2006-08-20 18:23:35 +00:00
age c14d5cfbd7 inheritance part2 2006-08-20 16:33:52 +00:00
age 447958e685 sorry wrong svn resolved usage by me 2006-08-20 08:27:03 +00:00