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Complete MoinMoin to DokuWiki converter

Uses native MoinMoin modules to handle converting and translating paths. Converts also page history and edit-log.

Tested with MoinMoin 1.9.9 and DokuWiki 2018-04-22 releases under Windows 7

You need to run this on host where both MoinMoin and DokuWiki are configured, it uses current configuration from both wikis.

Edit doku.php if your DokuWiki installation is other than /usr/share/dokuwiki

To convert moinmoin all pages with history, invoke:

$ ./ -a -d /var/lib/dokuwiki

To convert single page (FrontPage):

$ ./ -F moinmoin/data/pages/FrontPage -d out

You should invoke bin/indexer.php after conversion to make all pages are indexed.

and ensure ownership of files is correct: (www-data:www-data being your uid/gid webserver runs):

# chown -R www-data:www-data /var/lib/dokuwiki/pages/*
# chown -R www-data:www-data /var/lib/dokuwiki/media/*

additionally, depending on your configuration, you may need to gzip the attic pages.

Hints for Windows Users

The Batchfiles (*.cmd) should help to do the conversation under Windows. You should create a copy of the settings.cmd and call it settings.local.cmd to set your own local paths.

Call moin2doku.cmd to convert the full MoinMoin Wiki. All DokuWiki pages will be written to an out folder in the current directory.

This will convert a single page:

D:\moin2doku\> moin2doku.cmd MyMoinPage

Set %OUTDIR% to an alternativ output folder. This should not be the dokuwiki data folder if you want to do a full conversation.

The reindex.cmd will call the bin/indexer.php-Skript.


version 0.1 (2010-02)

Slim Gaillard, based on the "extended python" script here:

version 0.2 (2011)

Elan Ruusamäe, moved to github, track history there

version 1.0 (2012)

Complete moinmoin to dokuwiki converter, uses native moinmoin code to handle converting and translating paths. Converts also page history and edit-log.

This marks the project "done", I will no longer develop it or support it, as I got my conversion done. However, I do accept patches (pull requests) to sane amount.

I put repo online so others have better starting point than I did.

version 1.1 (2015)

Modifed the script to work with newer Moin versions and API changes.

version 1.2 (2019-01)

Some modifications to work with current DokuWiki and added more formattings.

Search GitHub Forks for newer versions of this project.