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phil 9ebee9c234 Migrate to markdown 2 years ago
phil 664aff7d3d Requirements aktualisiert 2 years ago
phil 3520de2d6d Styling fuer Passwortaenderung 2 years ago
lars ab08ca121a htman: korrigiere Frontpage-Formular fuer fehlenden abschliessenden Slash 2 years ago
phil 23b4cac045 Styling mit Bootstrap 2 years ago
lars ba12652b1c htman: erlaube Wiki-Auswahl per Formular 2 years ago
lars 22f27a784d htman: add cgi wrapper 2 years ago
lars 8a185e878a htman: switch from bobo to bottle 2 years ago
lars 4b517a736e htman: vorlaeufige Ruecknahme der flask-Umstellung 2 years ago
phil 170e2d21fc Starte Flask-Transformation 2 years ago
lars 2992abd0f3 fehlerhaften "/index.html"-Link verkuerzt 7 years ago
lars a295f23ded "Wiki" statt "Access Zone" 7 years ago
lars 490ebad28d added example apache config 10 years ago
lars d58d3c35ca renamed "htname" to "zone" 10 years ago
lars 4c7ed4b7be avoid problems with missing trailing slash 11 years ago
lars 5e06806d40 re-read the mapping file for every access 12 years ago
lars ac804b286c remove newline characters when reading password hashes from a file 13 years ago
lars 988fa15962 fixed genshi template loader search path 13 years ago
lars cf1e2deed5 added template for admin list of zones 13 years ago
lars 0824f0d86b moved example config files to a seperate config directory 13 years ago
lars 5b840bc4e5 obfuscate entered passwords 13 years ago
lars 5d1455c9a4 added prelimenary README file 13 years ago
lars 20fb018cbc added example config files 13 years ago
lars 0cfc0ebb44 added web interface code 13 years ago
lars f611eac8ad ignore mal-formed input lines 13 years ago
lars ea8a8d8d80 initialized a basic htpasswd web interface 13 years ago