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This role installs phpMyAdmin.


Name Note Default
phpmyadmin_user System user to create pma
phpmyadmin_blowfish_secret 32 bytes long plain-text password for cookie encryption
phpmyadmin_tmp Tmp directory /tmp
phpmyadmin_database Name of phpMyAdmin configuration database phpmyadmin
phpmyadmin_database_password Password of configuration database user
phpmyadmin_hosts Array with hosts to connect to optional
phpmyadmin_hosts.name Hostname of database host optional
phpmyadmin_host.address IP address of database host optional
phpmyadmin_database_host Ansible hostname of the database host, use a list to create the configuration on multiple hosts localhost


This role depends on ansible-role-php:

- name: Install phpMyAdmin
    - myhost
    - role: senselab.php
    - role: senselab.phpmyadmin

Running the role

Run the playbook with:

ansible-playbook playbooks/phpmyadmin.yml