goes public, sharing bikes with COPRI-operator server-instances and App. Connect all together to get a wide network of bike sharing opportunities
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The web application offers the possibility to manage data and processes over several COPRI operator instances. We call this multi-operator capability, which enables a transparent network of bike-sharing companies. The app is already connected via the REST API.

The app can be found open source at , or in the respective app/play stores.

The following features are currently implemented:

Administration of

  • Rental bikes
  • Rental bike stations
  • Rental bike tariffs
  • Rental bike users
  • Discount promotions
  • Coupons

Besides that

  • App API
  • Payment API
  • Continuous rental bike booking journal
  • Calendar booking
  • Continuous cash journal
  • Email messaging
  • SMS messaging
  • Location map and user registration can be integrated into websites via iFrame

There is also a wiki for installing copri operator-instances for your own and some API description

Best regards, Rainer Gümpelein TeilRad GmbH