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ckubu e06da8137d - If Environment variable EZMLM_WEB_RC ist set (e.g. at webservers vhost
configuration), the applicatiom loads ezmlmwebrc from that setting. That 
   allows multiple Webinterfaces on the same host with different settings.

 - Subscribition of different adresses at once via textarea input (Closes #70)
   TODO: change concerning labels for language other than german or english

 - Fix setting of chaerset variable (Close #69 ?)

 - Fix en-/decoding (if system charset differs from charset of list)

 - Handling of all text files will be done from the list directory, even if
   the defaults are used.That makes the list robust against changing server
   default settings or moving list from one to another server.

 - conf-lang file will always be written, even if language is the default
   one. So users can see their language setting from the Options screen.

 - Print available listdomains in alphabetical order.

 - trailer is no longer editable from the Overview screen. Changing trailer
   can be done - like other textfiles - from the text screen.

 - Add configuration variable DEBUG. If enabled, application prints Error/Warning 
   messages instead of "Internal Server Error" page.
2011-01-05 01:21:43 +00:00
lars ee33aaf182 improve performance of specific file accesses (e.g. for check_interface_language) through caching
allow to reset "owner"
update language files
update packaging scripts
only build i386 debian package
clarified some copyright stuff
move URL of data files from /ezmlm-web-data/ to /ezmlm-web/ (debian policy)
add example config file for apache
fixed 'usr/local/' to 'usr/local/' patch for debian
moved "confirmation selection" from "easy" to "expert"
ezmlm-web version number for web interface footer is retrieved from the SPOT ezmlm-web.cgi
2007-08-07 22:48:40 +00:00
lars d29c22b21a manpage of ezmlm-web.cgi updated and added to Makefile.PL
fixed debian packaging warnings
fixed configuration file in debian package
added manpage for ezmlm-web.wrapper
renamed INSTALL.clearsilver to README.clearsilver (to avoid debian packaging warnings)
2006-05-04 03:46:55 +00:00
lars b4507d7ec0 manpage added to debian installer 2006-04-30 00:31:40 +00:00
lars 07002d747d documentation for installation updated
improved suid-wrapper creation
2006-04-29 08:30:37 +00:00