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phil 209617a561 change default algo 8 years ago
phil 75586b9d36 specify changings 8 years ago
phil 0ec0c921c4 Changelog 8 years ago
phil 01430e821e set default key size to 4096
generate stronger keys with default algo
8 years ago
lars 8639db3468 colon is a valid dot-qmail filename character 11 years ago
ckubu 6989ec1205 - If Environment variable EZMLM_WEB_RC ist set (e.g. at webservers vhost

13 years ago
lars ca7ade45b8 crypto-exmlm: added python interface 14 years ago
lars 1fd5f5fca1 crypto-ezmlm: fixed "--help" switch 14 years ago
lars 8fd5dadf47 ezmlm-web module for gpg-ezmlm:
* fixed syntax error
14 years ago
lars b4ee37b00e ezmlm-web code:
* handle a missing backup conversion directory gracefully
  (useful for encrypted lists, that were created without ezmlm-web)
14 years ago
lars 91997a903c Mail::Ezmlm download website:
* change default order to descending date
15 years ago
lars 01865d2ba4 Mail::Ezmlm release v0.08.2:
* updated debian files
* tagged release
* uploaded packages
15 years ago
lars ec43298706 Mail::Ezmlm:
* updated version info for v0.08.2
* improved testing script
15 years ago
lars 27afb0aea4 packaged v0.08.1 of Mail::Ezmlm 15 years ago
lars 854eaa1589 tagged v0.08.1 of Mail::Ezmlm 15 years ago
lars 7fd4ce4b42 debian package of Mail::Ezmlm:
* add dependency for gnupg crypt perl module
15 years ago
lars 681f6cac0a package Mail::Ezmlm:
* uploaded the debian control files
-- Diese und due folgenden Zeilen werden ignoriert --

A    debian
A    debian/control
A    debian/files
A    debian/compat
A    debian/watch
A    debian/changelog
A    debian/docs
A    debian/copyright
A    debian/libemail-ezmlm-perl.debhelper.log
AM   debian/rules
A    debian/libemail-ezmlm-perl.substvars
A    debian/README.Debian
15 years ago
lars 54415691fb package Mail::Ezmlm:
* update version
15 years ago
lars bbde9f30a6 module Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm:
* fix issue with ezmlm-idx v0.4x lists
15 years ago
lars 170f4973aa module Mail::Ezmlm:
* tagged v0.08
* added source and debian package
15 years ago
lars dffbad2a45 module Mail::Ezmlm:
* prepare release v0.08
15 years ago
lars b695480291 module Ezmlm::Mail::GpgEzmlm:
* add a wrapper around "getconfig" to restore the config file before reading
  the configuation
15 years ago
lars 5f9454f970 module Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm:
* fix syntax problems
* fix regex for detecting settings
* fix handling of GnuPG setting
* allow string settings (GnuPG and keyDir)
15 years ago
lars cae467c8f1 explicitely set the "GnuGP" setting of gpg-ezmlm, since its pre-configured default value is vey unlikely to work (/usr/local/bin/gpg) 15 years ago
lars 950a4fbfe6 release preparations for Mail::Ezmlm package:
* update Changes
* add version test for ezmlm-make to the Makefile
* add configuration for gpg-ezmlm and gpg locations to the Makefile
15 years ago
lars 34438ce978 packaging of Mail::Ezmlm:
* move the two new modules (GpgKeyRing and GpgEzmlm) to a sub directory
15 years ago
lars e36cb850b5 prepare release candidate 15 years ago
lars 5bcdb2799c r424@erker: lars | 2008-09-28 23:38:45 +0200
module Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm:
 * simplified code for config file handling
 * added "cleanup" of dotqmail files
 * added wrapper around ezmlm-make (update)
15 years ago
lars 71edc021ff r420@erker: lars | 2008-09-28 17:37:42 +0200
module Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm:
 * added new dependencies: File::Path and File::Copy
 * renamed configuration backup directory from 'gpg-ezmlm.bak' to '.gpg-ezmlm.backup'
 * only create empty keyring directory, if it does not exist, yet
 * implement revert of gpg-ezmlm conversion
15 years ago
lars 84bb54f428 r419@erker: lars | 2008-09-28 11:39:00 +0200
encryption modules:
 * module loading should fail, if gnupg resp. gpg-ezmlm is not installed
 * fixed minor code style issue
15 years ago
lars 18541ef2be module Mail::Ezmlm::GpgKeyRing:
* don't create an empty keyring during read/get requests
* improve safety of gpg system call by escaping whitespace characters
15 years ago
lars 28cbeae46b module Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm:
* added custom conversion script to remove dependency on a patch gpg-ezmlm
* fix various minor problems
15 years ago
lars 7479782d18 module Mail::Ezmlm:
* fixed warning in function 'get_charset'
* improved code style
15 years ago
lars 24c9ddb067 added Mail::Ezmlm::EzmlmGpg module (untested) 15 years ago
lars bc9543d37a r395@erker: lars | 2008-09-18 10:45:17 +0200
separated keyring management from specific mailing list encryption support
15 years ago
jlmartinez e901614035 Work on #50
 - get_version returns 7
 - updated documentation

 - updated changes file with items in previous changesets
15 years ago
jlmartinez cff52ce0da Solves #48 Lists cannot be placed in a directory with "at" in the path
 - applied patch to Ezmlm.pm to permit @ in path
 - bumped up version

 - bumped up version

 - documented change
15 years ago
lars 77eeb1fcd0 minor stuff 16 years ago
phil c76dc6b222 added right mail address 16 years ago
lars ee170fc7da renamed gpgpy-ezmlm to crypto-ezmlm 16 years ago
lars e4d82256e7 renamed gpg-Ezmlm to Ezmlm-Gpg 16 years ago
lars 662f2969f3 removed "check_gpgpy_version_check" and removed "EZMLM_BASE" setting 16 years ago
lars 8dd9f5b755 fixed handling of the 'owner' setting for ezmlm-idx > v5 (Closes: #24)
improved ezmlm-idx version detection (5.0 / 5.1 / 6.x)
16 years ago
lars 3b9e364756 adapted to newer gpgpy-ezmlm 16 years ago
lars 007dba196e new release: 0.07.2
fixes 'get_charset' and 'set_charset' for idx < 5.0
17 years ago
lars 0f25114208 minor documentation fixes 17 years ago
lars 1c56dffeb5 wrong option parsing for "make" fixed 17 years ago
lars 5482e5a4db error message for failed list creation fixed 17 years ago
lars 68a65156bf META.yml added 17 years ago
lars 88057a6f65 version check for gpg-ezmlm added
README updated
using "strict" for test.pl
17 years ago