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ckubu 5c8a56117c - If Environment variable EZMLM_WEB_RC ist set (e.g. at webservers vhost

13 years ago
ezmlm-web-2.1 subversion layout restructured 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-2.2 subversion layout restructured 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-2.3 changed the icon URL to 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-2.3.1 Version 2.3.1 by Reinin Oyama with minor changes 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.0 text tuning 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.0.1 removed previous change from 3.0.1-tag 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.0.2 debian package upload 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.1 new tag: ezmlm-web 3.1 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.1.1 ezmlm-web v3.1.1 released 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.1.2 new release 3.1.2 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.1.3 release 3.1.3 18 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.1.4 v3.1.4 released 17 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.2 updated changelog date 16 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.3 ezmlm-web release: 15 years ago
ezmlm-web-3.3.1 tagged ezmlm-web release v3.3.1 15 years ago
packages ezmlm-web website: 15 years ago ezmlm-web packaging: 15 years ago improve performance of specific file accesses (e.g. for check_interface_language) through caching 16 years ago