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2018-04-26 17:51:02 -07:00

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The Driver Monitoring Challenge!

We have released 4 one minute long videos of people driving cars in the videos/ folder.

They were recorded with an EON Dashcam DevKit


We believe driver monitoring is one of the keys to safely ramping up to full self driving cars.

We wrote a lot more on our medium


Your goal:

  • Track their face
  • Then, track their eyes
  • Then, if you are bored, track their emotional state

Annotate your tracking nicely on the video and do a writeup with pictures.


Feel free to fork this and just show off your solution on your GitHub. Or, when done, apply for a job here at

We are hiring a full time "Driving Monitoring Engineer" to come join us in our lovely SF office, and when you apply, we'll ask that you complete this challenge.

Other Challenge

If you are looking for a harder non-subjective challenge, try the speed prediction challenge

Goal is to predict the speed of the car from video. Train and test set included.


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