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You may want to translate the CryptoBox into another language?
Most welcome!
Existing translations can be found in the ".hdf" files in the
language directory (online available as
Furthermore every plugin has its own language files. Please take a
look at the plugin directory
( and use
the "lang" directories below.
There are three easy steps, that won't take longer than one hour
to go through, if you want to translate the cryptobox into a
language of your choice:
1.) Download one ".hdf" file in your preferred language (e.g.
"en.hdf" if you're a native english speaker).
2.) Start to change the text following the equal signs line by line.
3.) Send us your changed ".hdf" file. That's it - thank you!
We are available via mail ( for any
questions. Don't worry to ask us if something is vague.
We prefer "utf-8" encoded hdf-files. If you don't know what "utf"
means - just don't care, send us your file and everything else
will be fine.
You don't have to translate the whole file - some minor parts are
enough to send back. The community will do the rest. ;)
Again, thanks for your help! We develop the Cryptobox project in
our free time for fun and to provide an open source solution for
this special purpose. By helping us, you're taking part in this