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11 Commits (f6295a4b2de23c3e066e6b7fbbee9818127c40e0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars 76e5366619 finished unittests for plugin date
finished unittests for plugin disks
finished unittests for plugin help
finished unittests for plugin language_selection
finished unittests for plugin logs
finished unittests for plugin network
finished unittests for plugin plugin_manager
finished unittests for plugin shutdown
finished unittests for plugin system_preferences
finished unittests for plugin user_manager
added english 'translations' to all plugins (by copying msgid to msgstr)
2006-11-30 14:36:53 +00:00
lars 53342a75c9 esperanto language files removed 2006-11-29 13:42:22 +00:00
lars f514c53bfd changed translation system of plugins to gettext 2006-11-28 13:16:52 +00:00
lars 1438913656 renamed python package to cryptobox-server
unittests are working again
http-error handling implemented
2006-11-27 19:25:26 +00:00
lars 112979b3af added to use distutils for packaging
moved python modules to separate packages below src/
renamed "hook" to "event" to avoid confusion
2006-11-23 19:13:08 +00:00
lars fdff598a29 moved message handling back to each plugin
adapted plugin interface specification
replaced some more transparent png files with gif
added "Get help" links to all plugins
2006-11-15 11:46:32 +00:00
lars 405f6b90fa improved detection of 'active' plugin for marking in the main menu
plugin plugin_manager: prevent browser from caching repeatitive actions
plugin plugin_manager: add support for properties/volume visibility
plugins: moved message handling to central header file (templates/header.cs)
splitted 'volume_props' into 'volume_rename' and 'volume_chpasswd'
volume_props: turned into a container for small property changes
renamed 'format_fs' to 'volume_format_fs'
moved inclusion of 'show_volume_[header|footer].cs' to central header file
2006-11-13 16:11:07 +00:00
lars 77bead9983 added gif pictures for all plugins - inevitable, as ie does not support transparent png up to v6.0 2006-11-09 18:21:14 +00:00
lars b7e1423bcb some more validation fixes 2006-11-09 18:19:17 +00:00
lars 3fe6170979 improved usability of "plugin_manager" plugin 2006-11-08 12:19:30 +00:00
lars 414389951e moved pythonrewrite branch to trunk 2006-11-06 16:05:00 +00:00