9 Commits (b7f6afcc671e682a4182a5ba01a9ba19a58b937f)

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lars b7f6afcc67 * fixed one broken indentation 13 years ago
lars f389508ed8 * changed importance of some log messages 13 years ago
frisco 9cd3d7dd42 Now calls "/sbin/blockdev --rereadpt" after any changes to partition tables; should fix bug #214 13 years ago
lars 3224d59dfe change identation from tabs to spaces 15 years ago
lars 7c2709e643 fixed svn:keyword tag 'Id' in various python files 15 years ago
lars 2e7f1664fe removed all explicit python2.4 dependencies 16 years ago
lars fe69eb38ae changed coding style according to pylint 16 years ago
lars 76e5366619 finished unittests for plugin date 16 years ago
lars 414389951e moved pythonrewrite branch to trunk 16 years ago