8 Commits (adab9731c53dd4dc942ca2cb79c4e10098034f6f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars 516a3c7d8e some exceptions were renamed
help-plugin and "Get help" now use different icons
17 years ago
lars 414389951e moved pythonrewrite branch to trunk 17 years ago
lars 0aea72533f removed some bashisms 17 years ago
lars 81adf89c56 implemented "is_plaintext" check
added lots of "html_escape" calls to clearsilver statements
17 years ago
lars 8138339ab7 (u)mounting of plaintext partitions fixed
init-script fixed (debian)
17 years ago
lars 5fb9108640 moved to a volume based web interface
initialization now uses a single volume (no partitioning)
SCAN_DEVICES now define only the allowed prefix ("hd" -> all harddisks)
check for https improved
17 years ago
lars 6579b05754 tabindex fixed 17 years ago
lars 8153ebd010 finishing moves 17 years ago