9 Commits (adab9731c53dd4dc942ca2cb79c4e10098034f6f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars 414389951e moved pythonrewrite branch to trunk 17 years ago
lars b8e3cf4ea8 usage of dh_installinit fixed 17 years ago
lars 72afa14f87 fixed some debian policy violations
replaced dumpe2fs by blkid for determining the uuid of a device
17 years ago
lars 5fb9108640 moved to a volume based web interface
initialization now uses a single volume (no partitioning)
SCAN_DEVICES now define only the allowed prefix ("hd" -> all harddisks)
check for https improved
17 years ago
lars 3da483ffec distributions specific config file introduced (for program locations)
pmount added to debian dependencies
17 years ago
lars 1bae6a759e marker added to default config
dependency on sudo removed
17 years ago
lars d0d27ea05e Makefile created
debian installer improved
binary suid wrappers added
17 years ago
lars 8e98fbdf83 moving ... 17 years ago
lars b5c0ac2188 debain package files added 17 years ago