199 Commits (master)

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age 3b97f675bf now checks url params
adapted templates
renderer checks for sources
17 years ago
age 414a6c6e60 action removed 17 years ago
lars 550d0fb5e2 "link" macro updated to new url naming scheme 17 years ago
lars 1362f79df4 german language file converted into utf-8 17 years ago
age 89e06ff669 logfile is accessable via web 17 years ago
lars 707fb71476 logging cleaned up
unified errorExit function instead of explicite sys.exit calls
add config_file argument to CryptoBoxProps
add getCapacity method to CryptoBoxContainer
removed "classes.txt"
17 years ago
age bb16749b81 forgot to commti these changes 17 years ago
age 697d5f9b0c webserver, sites and settings splitted
included some new functions from the perl file
the clearsilver templates have to be modified next
17 years ago
age 2fec1260c5 stupid exception 17 years ago
age 4f053af83a try if super is installed 17 years ago
lars 84028f4a92 added python version checks
added startup test to CryptoBox
integrate CryptoBoxRootActions into CryptoBox (see example-super.tab for details)
implemented "mount" and "umount" in CryptoBoxRootActions
adapted CryptoBoxRootActions checks to 'super'
17 years ago
age accbb7c515 more loglevel output 17 years ago
lars f95f33ba71 transition to "logging" instead of "CryptoBoxLogger" finished
names of cryptobox.conf settings changed
cryptsetup interface for CryptoBoxRootActions implemented
17 years ago
age 12868beb21 separated unittest 17 years ago
age 04c2719c8e CryptoBoxLogger is obsolete; removed some RFCs we discussed via jabber 17 years ago
lars 76ec1ee0ca fixed a problem in CryptoBox config reading
introduced "coding_guidelines.txt" for a consistent coding feeling :)
added CryptoBoxRootActions for future privilege separation
17 years ago
lars b951efdd9c privilege dropping replaced by a separate python script for root actions
syslog support added
moved program locations to config file
removed obsolete CryptoBoxPreferences
added some requests for comments (RFC)
17 years ago
age 975b2bb14a prefs is inheretable 17 years ago
age c14d5cfbd7 inheritance part2 17 years ago
age 447958e685 sorry wrong svn resolved usage by me 17 years ago
age eaed2ffb9d logserverice initialised, fixed typos 17 years ago
phear 4bcd42d615 further work on the new cherrypy driven web interface. clicking onhelp already works ;) we have to decide whether we want to seperate that monstrous contitional statement in cryptobox.pl into seperate functions. 17 years ago
phear 64acd36411 random names for temporary files in test class 17 years ago
lars a0ce824eb2 added unittest for CryptoBoxLogger and CryptoBoxProps
fixed bug in devicename check
minor improvements
17 years ago
lars 07a63dbd9c use ConfigObj for config file management
implement privilege dropping
test script added
17 years ago
lars 7443b4684e class CryptoBoxContainer finished 17 years ago
age c6ef2a3eb4 cherrypy 17 years ago
age 9cab568312 cleaned up; used happdoc 17 years ago
age c473798003 replacing bash 17 years ago
age e0ec6cb9a4 init python rewrite 17 years ago
lars d0029c26c7 merged the luks branch with the main branch (r326-329) 18 years ago
lars 734b2a3731 README and CHANGELOG linked
is_init_running fixed
18 years ago
lars eaa06602ee migrated to cryptsetup-luks
list of packages reduced
more dfsbuild-probe devices: sda sdb sdc sdd
GPL added to all scripts
check_smb_idle.sh is temporarily disabled for now
initial_checks removed
18 years ago
lars 8d1c3aa9c4 migrate to luks
-- diese und die folgenden Zeilen werden ignoriert --

A    https://svn.systemausfall.org/svn/cryptobox/branches/luks
18 years ago
lars e45dfa2ed8 v0.2.1 released 18 years ago
age 31dd718abb some necessary release changes 18 years ago
age 074d031db5 cb-manage is cbox-manage 18 years ago
lars 4361148abe semikolon added
error handling of get_harddisk changed
18 years ago
age 11d58745d4 *delete hash & cipher configentry 18 years ago
age 10c5b1082a *built new kernel
*new "get_available_disks" feature
*some backports in 0.2.1
18 years ago
age 815da956f6 * scan-device list enhanced
* minor changes in cb-boot services
* cbox-manage interrupts without a harddisk
18 years ago
lars e86f631050 CHANGELOG added 18 years ago
lars 0c0943f9d8 protect the grub interface by an invalid password hash
update version in dfs-cbox.conf
add dfs-cbox.conf to release-policy
18 years ago
lars c9f78a5edd executable flag of cb-hint-init-script fixed
update of README
18 years ago
lars 7260c63d86 added all non-code changes between r281 and r300 to the new release candidate 18 years ago
lars 3cad3c5ae8 prepare new release 0.2.1 18 years ago
lars 3b5a729834 unused branch removed
hints updated
codecoop redirection added
18 years ago
lars a6c10f516b further development 18 years ago
lars 0b8449c48d new directory layout (trunk, tags and branches) 18 years ago