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frisco cd3145982a Added config settings specific to the CryptoNAS v0.3.5 Live CD/Live USB release. 13 years ago
frisco bd96dede76 Created tag for Live CD/Live USB release v0.3.5 build config 13 years ago
frisco 783824bad9 Uploaded Debian packages for v0.3.5; tags/v0.3.5: Chinese now appears on the "Language selection" page 14 years ago
frisco effbf206ff tags/v0.3.5: Updated changelog, READMEs, and example cryptobox.conf 14 years ago
frisco 06482f10cc tags/v0.3.5: Merged translations from branches/translation-base-v0.4 14 years ago
frisco 341bc01b21 tags/v0.3.5: Created directories for new languages 14 years ago
frisco a933fcfd3e Created tag for v0.3.5 release 14 years ago
lars 32fcf96ad1 improve handling of python versions for debian 15 years ago
lars 1f2f5a169f merged language updates from pootle to the new release 16 years ago
lars 104e8aee61 typo fixed: reported by Gilles Accad 16 years ago
lars 0a510a65ed synchronized changelog and README 16 years ago
lars 152e67283a created new tag v0.3.4.5 (based on v0.3.4.3) 16 years ago
lars 4a8a292313 merged some changes of the new release v0.3.4.4 into trunk 16 years ago
age d849eefda8 * new server package 16 years ago
age 89e08bd135 * debian package for arm achitecture also works :) 16 years ago
lars ad45c993e9 finished release of v0.3.4.3 - including Polish translation contributed by Andrzej S. Kaznowski 16 years ago
lars 25b099870f uploaded the static html pages of the live-CD v0.3 16 years ago
lars 6c971bb198 released v0.3.4.2 16 years ago
lars e49f22776f some language updates - from now on we are forking away from the v0.3.x translation base 16 years ago
lars b86613a962 add tag for release v0.3.4.2 16 years ago
lars 98fe39ffae added v0.3.4.1 packages 16 years ago
lars 43e25e0484 finished CryptoBox v0.3.4.1 16 years ago
lars 71ea9cd469 prepare new release of v0.3.4 with Japanese translation 16 years ago
lars d2e91a7f08 uploaded source and deb package of v0.3.4 16 years ago
lars d75ebd1422 created tag v0.3.4 16 years ago
lars f556fc4c59 tagged v0.3.3 16 years ago
lars f1e71bc0c2 added packages for CryptoBox-Server v0.3.3 16 years ago
lars c7d1f0390a packages uploaded 16 years ago
lars dd557f7866 release v0.3.2 16 years ago
lars 0b163061f5 release v0.3.1 uploaded 16 years ago
lars d6b3f77778 tag v0.3.1 released 16 years ago
lars 58db140585 release v0.3 of cryptobox-server finished 16 years ago
lars 33a8c4a1bb new release is tagged 16 years ago
lars 25aae11576 constant width of the main screen (works for mozilla/ff and ie55/60 16 years ago
lars f2a5e8b142 added a policy for creating and uploading a debian package 16 years ago
age d69dd024a2 minor checks 16 years ago
lars 8451710878 debian packaging script updated 16 years ago
lars bbf222212a debian packaging script 16 years ago
lars 78ed498483 added source package building script 16 years ago
lars c34df5f87e v0.2.1 released 17 years ago
lars 4144924831 first release: version 0.2 17 years ago
lars 0b8449c48d new directory layout (trunk, tags and branches) 18 years ago