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LATEX2HTMLPREFIX := -no_auto_link -split 0 -init_file ../../convert-scripts/latex2html-init -no_navigation -no_subdir
# output of lyx
TEX_FILES := $(patsubst %.lyx,%.tex,$(wildcard *.lyx))
# output of latex2html
NEW_INDEXES := $(patsubst %.lyx,%.html,$(wildcard *.lyx))
# patched html files (online or offline)
NEW_INDEXES_UNPATCHED := $(patsubst %.lyx,%-unpatched.html,$(wildcard *.lyx))
# patch files
ASC_FILES := $(wildcard *.asc)
# images for css
CSS_BILDER = somerights20.png
.PHONY : clean css clean-html online offline
# default target (offline)
all: offline $(NEW_INDEXES) css
# misc definitions
offline: NAV_FILE=nav.asc.offline
online offline: clean-html $(NEW_INDEXES)
css: $(CSS_BILDER)
# copy images for css
cd _bilder; cp $(CSS_BILDER) ..
# create tex files from lyx
$(TEX_FILES): %.tex: %.lyx
lyx -e latex $*.lyx
# original html-files, as they are created by lyx
$(NEW_INDEXES_UNPATCHED): %-unpatched.html: %.tex
latex2html $(LATEX2HTMLPREFIX) $*.tex
-rm WARNINGS $* $* $*.css 2>/dev/null
mv $*.html $*-unpatched.html
python ../../convert-scripts/ $@
# patch original html-files with online or offline files
$(NEW_INDEXES): %.html: %-unpatched.html $(NEW_INDEXES_UNPATCHED) $(ASC_FILES)
cat header.asc $(NAV_FILE) $*-unpatched.html footer.asc > $@
-rm $(patsubst %.lyx,%.html,$(wildcard *.lyx)) 2>/dev/null
clean: clean-html
-rm WARNINGS 2>/dev/null
-rm $(patsubst %.lyx,%.tex,$(wildcard *.lyx)) 2>/dev/null
-rm $(patsubst %.lyx,%.lyx.emergency,$(wildcard *.lyx)) 2>/dev/null
-rm $(patsubst %.lyx,%-unpatched.html,$(wildcard *.lyx)) 2>/dev/null
-rm $(patsubst _bilder/%,%,$(wildcard _bilder/*)) 2>/dev/null