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GpgEzmlm version 0.3.3


To install this module type the following:

perl Makefile.PL
make install

To convert an existing ezmlm mailing list to a gpg-ezmlm mailing list,
run: <dir> <dot>

Where <dir> is the directory the current ezmlm list lives in, and
<dot> is in the form of ~/.qmail-mlname, for a mailing list named
mlname. Same as the dot that you used in ezmlm-make(1). Edit the
config file created in the directory to your preferences.

To convert an existing gpg-ezmlm list to this version, just point the
dotfiles (.qmail-<list> and .qmail-<list>-default) to the new and If you want to change the
default configuration settings, a sample config file has been included,
edit to taste.


This suite requires these other modules, libraries, and tools:

GnuPG ( )
ezmlm ( )
qmail ( )
perl ( )
Digest::MD5 ( )
File::Sync ( )

Sorry about all the requirements. I did try to avoid Gnome syndrome...