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Revision history for Perl extension gpg-ezmlm.
0.1 May 29, 2002
- original release, alpha.
0.2 Jun 09, 2002
- Multiple bugfixes, first real stable release.
0.2.1 August 28, 2002
- Tightened up regular expressions in gpg-ezmlm-send, added
explicit read notation to file opens, and improved comments
0.3 October 7, 2002
- Major rewrite. Combined common functions in,
Switch configuration to config file, Added,
Added Makefile, and Makefile support stuff, added archiving
capability and signature checking. Fixed a bug that caused to hang when attempting to pass large
files through gpg.
0.3.1 April 17, 2004
- Fixed a bug in runcmd that caused the gpg-ezmlm to sometimes
truncate some of the data sent in large messages. Cleaned
the manifest.
0.3.2 March 26, 2005
- Added the Delivered-To line and any lines in the headeradd file
to outgoing mail. This more closely conforms with ezmlm
behavior. Thanks to Lars Kruse for the catch on the behavior
0.3.3 April 20, 2005
- Modified the copy routine to allow blank lines in the
headeradd file. Applied fixes from Elan Ruusamae to the program fixing typos and providing
helpful messages in case of incorrect usage. Added functionality
that I'd accidentally wiped from before
I started using a sane version control system. Added additional
config parameters to the default config file. Fixed a bug
that would occur if gpg-ezmlm was installed before the
mailing list was used normally.